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“What you are now, we once were; what we are now, you shall be.”

The quote above can be found in a crypt below a Roman church called Santa Maria della Concezione dei Cappuccini. A memento mori; ‘remember that you will die’.
by alejandra.hernandez

Illustration by Alejandra Hernández.



Amazingly beautiful short film, be patient and watch till the very end, It is worth it.

Such a creative, sweet and touching story. If you get the whole way through let me know what you think in the comment bar below. 🙂


Nosy Bear

What a classic story of bear meets boy. This was the heart warming short is was telling you guys about earlier, it is the creation of Fran Krause. Nosy Bear is breathtakingly simple, in its narrative, characters design and background. It is this simplicity that makes the piece beautiful. One YouTuber comments “It’s the mark of a true animator to be able to tell a story without words.” And I totally agree, even without a spoken narrative I find myself emotionally involved, in fact I think a short story works better with out words. Wonderfully done Mr F Krause. I would take my hat off to you if I was wearing one.

Believe it or not but Krause made this film entirely by hand whilst sketching outside on a sunny day. Even more remarkable was the size of his sketches, the bears he drew were all under 1 inch wide. The making of this video is also worth a watch, as it is awesome. So I’ll link it below and maybe it can inspire someone to give it a go! Don’t watch them in reverse order, or it will spoil the magic of the film.

 Here’s a link to Fran’s website.

The Accident

This story is really touching. I can relate to the narrator, Its hard to write from personal experience. I found it difficult the first time I wrote confessional poetry. Especially when opening up about visiting my dad in prison at the age of five.

I didn’t know how describe this video without giving the plot away, so I thought I ‘d let YouTube do it for me, and copied the description. I find it strange her talking about her uncle ’cause I too have an uncle Stephen. Anyway here’s the comment:

‘A story about human endeavour, obsessions and mistakes. A childhood memory is presented in a number of ways to reveal the story of an uncle’s unfinished task.’
By blackwatch.

Lucky Hans

About three years ago, I stumbled across this little fellow [left] in Waterstones. I took a quick picture, but I didn’t catch the name of the book. So for all this time I have wanted to find it, but with only a photo to go on it was impossible. It was only until this morning that I managed to track it down, whilst  researching book covers for a page I created.  It turns out he is from a fairytale called ‘Lucky Hans and Other Merz Fairy Tales’. Just thought I’d share my find and a drawing the boy did of him [right]. Also I found this crazy page with all the merchandise that comes with it. I like the doll and the clown. (Y)

Morning…Oh! My God I Missed You

This is the work of Yoshitomo Nara. I own the selection of postcards in ‘Oh! My God I Miss You’. They are very cool. I don’t want to use them at all, no-one is worth separating the collection!

I love how dark Nara is willing to go with the idea of children, often making them swear, smoke, or even self harm. I particularly like the juxtaposition between childhood and adulthood, providing a powerful statement on how the line between these two worlds have blurred.

This is not my last post of his work. Next time I shall provide some examples of the shocking images I mentioned earlier. Unfortunately I cannot find his official website, but I did find this, for those of you that cannot wait for the next gripping instalment. Hope it is adequate. If anyone finds his site (if indeed he has one), do link me in, I’d appreciate it muchly.

Light and Dark of Life on Mars

Just finished watching Life on Mars for the first time. I loved it. But after the series finale, I think I need therapy.
But in the midst of the crazy illusions and the freaky as  hell test card girl, (pictured below), was this adorable and hilarious stop motion. An illusion in which Sam Tyler imagines himself in the children’s TV show Camberwick Green. Nice touch, very apt.

A-Z of Mental Problems

Joey Chou, my new Discovery. Discover for yourself.


Pink apple soles
curl back,

chubby limbs
flop down

as the umbilical cord

around your
tiny creased neck.

Your liquid lungs
do not scream,

your eyelids
remain shut.

The fusion of
white coats

could not save you.
I rest your fragile body

on my swollen breast,
until the doctor

takes you away.

So as I promised, I’ve uploaded a poem. This piece was inspired by the last post, a poem about a miscarriage. With ‘Harvey’ I wanted to convey a still birth with simple haunting images. I wanted to express the same feeling of loss that Clare Shaw initially touched on, but at the same time maintain my own poetic voice . This, unlike most my work, is not confessional. I just wanted to share what I felt after reading ‘The No Baby Poem’. She is a beautiful writer. Explore.

Clare Shaw “The No Baby Poem”

There will be no ceremony

in a quiet wood for this. Today
the sun does not matter.
You have simply not made it
into existence. All science, all alchemy
have failed from the start.
There is only this
injury, nameless and wet.

You are everything I know now
of loss, the perfect
grey weight of it, constant,
which has turned down the light
in my face.

Had just one moment
of one month been different,
you would have been born
into winter.
We would have made the drive
in the late afternoon,
past front rooms in Luddenden
yellow with warmth
a jewelery of light in each window
to see you erupt like summer
into our hands.

No-show, non-event,
we have lost you
to a world where there is no word,
even for absence.
Whatever could have made you
is irrelevant. Today,
the slightest breeze could blow me
clean away.

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