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happy XX chromosomes day

Happy International Woman’s Day! To celebrate all the XX chromosomes out there, I thought I’d share the perfect tribute song – ladies and gentlemen it’s the beautiful sound of The XX.


For the Birds

I love this illustration by Matt Forsythe, It is very ‘me’. Looking through his blog he has such a varied style of art, and this one is my favourite.

I shall be blogging more on Mr. Forsythe, but also always you can see for yourself by clicking here.

night swimming, deserves a quiet night

So my thinking behind this post was “It is night” and “I’m going for a swim tomorrow”. That and I fancied listening to R.E.M, a band that I’ve loved since I was about four.

The picture above is by Rob Hogdson.  Here is a link to his site I have blogged about him before, to view these posts just click on his name in the ‘Tag’ section. I think he is great, as you may have guessed. This one is particularly lovely, and peaceful which works perfectly with the song (that, and the fact they share the same title).

I have lots to tell about my day today, in particular a story about mishaps with a fish eye, camera that is! But alas it is late and no-one is up, so I’ll conceal my excitement until tomorrow. Till then my friends, till then. *replays song*

 Mike Yamada


This song keeps repeating in my head so I thought I’d release it, in hope it can be trapped in this post. I go through these stages of being obsessed with songs, I enjoy listening to them on repeat for like twenty times, I don’t think I am that normal. Don’t worry I will not be posting this more than once, won’t put you through that!

Really catchy and listen-able song, by the Australian band San Cisco. See what you think:

Looks like they had a lot of fun making the video!

Cookie Monster’s Away on Business

To continue on with my muppets theme today I thought I’d post this. Little bit of Tom Waits teamed up with the Cookie Monster. Wow, never thought I’d say that in one sentence. Anyway the similarities are uncanny.

Midnight Jam

This is a little sneaky peak of what tomorrows post will be about; an illustrator named Amanda Visell. I have her book ‘Popping Through Pictures’, it is excellent, the pages are so meaty, thick cardboard, which is a fun medium to have a book on. I will say no more till the next post, here is her site for the curious. Night, I’m off to hug my strawberry Lotso bear. 

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