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Bear Buddys

Bears only show their teeth to smile, which is often mistaken for aggression. Really they are in need of a hug, a big bear hug. Their likes include going for long walks on autumn days, a scratch in the centre of their back and raisons. Their dislikes include early mornings, fireworks and girls with blonde hair.

1. J.R Miller
2. Unknown


Lumberjack Pals

These are my flannel friends, they live in the corners of the forest and like to pose with large shiny objects. They are rare, private creatures that enjoy sitting by a logged fire drinking mulled wine and eating olives. 

1. Owen Davey
2. Matt Dawson


Gingers in Films…

…cats of course! Here is a selection of Hollywood’s favourite cactors, (sorry wont do that EVER again). Cat puns can never be good but If you find some goodies post them under this post.

Animal Photobomb

I love this serendipitous collection of photos. The Llama looks so cheeky, I had to share!

If Drawings Were Photographs

These Illustrations, by Tom Edwards were turned into reality by Rob Matthews. Matthews was so inspired by the abstract illustrations that he recreated his own photographic version. I think he did a great job, they are so alike. It must have been difficult to transform such an abstract idea into physicality, particularly with the last two being so surreal. My favourite is the green butt.

Both illustrations and photographic recreations are amazing. Hope you guys enjoy this as much as I do. Here are links to the artists’ websites:
Illustrator Tom Edwards
Photographer Rob Matthews 

The Jungle Look

I found these sketches on a website called ‘It’s Nice That’, the website describes these image of  ‘contemptuous crocodiles, and troublesome monkeys’, as ‘ludicrously delightful’ and I agree they are great. Surprisingly the artist,  Kouhei Ashino, also spends her time illustrating the everyday Japanese life which can be seen on her website.

Alternatively you can click here to check out ‘It’s Nice That’ and possibly read more on these sketches.


These plates are by the amazing Owen Davey. The designs were inspired by the stories of the general public. They are three of 33 designs he created. My favourite is the monkey holding a shrimp. I’ve blogged the work of Mr. Davey before, just click his name in the ‘tag’ bar to see my favourites. Or to see more of these on his blog click here or else check his website here.

“strange yet oddly familiar creatures”

I posted ‘Thick Skinned’ earlier today, and it led me to find this incredible collection of inside-out soft toys. Scroll down for more information…

“Simple patterns and devices never meant to be seen are now prominent physical characteristics, giving each one a distinctly quirky personality: their fasteners become eyes, their seams become scars, and their stuffing creeps out in the most unexpected places. Together these images form a typology of strange yet oddly familiar creatures.”  – Kent Rogowski Read More.

These are my favourite few from a wonderful collection of  inside out teddy bears by Kent Rogowski. They ooze charm and cuteness. To see all the of zombie-like teddy gang click here.


Absolutely beautiful illustrations by the late Charley Harper. He is an incredible artist, whom is amongst my favourites. His illustrations are based around animals, he is well known for his highly stylized wildlife posters, prints, and illustrated books. He used a lot of symmetry with shapes and colour, which in my opinion give him an iconic trait. I think his work is magical to look at. There will be more to come on Mr. Harper. Click here for more magic. x

Lego Pirate Ship *excitement*

And here it is. The Black Pearl. Afternoon well spent. (Y)
Taha, I am such a loser.

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