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Lonely Boy

This is lonely boy. He is lonely.Lonely boy likes lonely music like this. But mostly he just likes old shoes laces and black and white movies. His favourite number is 6 and his is an only child.

When I am lonely like lonely boy I listen to this lonely song and feel less lonely. Dancing makes me happy.

Illustration by Kristyna Litten. Music by The Black Keys.


War Photographer ♫

Jason Forrest’s song ‘War Photographer’ plus animation by Joel Trussell, equals one very cool music video. Colours and character designs are incredible. The animation has the perfect synchronisation to the beat.

This is how ‘Guitar Hero’ should look.

Here is a link to Jason Forrest’s website.
I will defiantly be posting more music videos from Joel Trussell but if you cannot wait till then have a brouse on his website here.


This song keeps repeating in my head so I thought I’d release it, in hope it can be trapped in this post. I go through these stages of being obsessed with songs, I enjoy listening to them on repeat for like twenty times, I don’t think I am that normal. Don’t worry I will not be posting this more than once, won’t put you through that!

Really catchy and listen-able song, by the Australian band San Cisco. See what you think:

Looks like they had a lot of fun making the video!

Cookie Monster’s Away on Business

To continue on with my muppets theme today I thought I’d post this. Little bit of Tom Waits teamed up with the Cookie Monster. Wow, never thought I’d say that in one sentence. Anyway the similarities are uncanny.

Rain Dance

Ned Wenlock makes wonders in animation. Check out this gleeful music video that Wenlock made for the band Danger Beach.
the continuing loop has been done before, but Wenlock manages to make it original, and exciting. It works perfectly with the music and  I think the texture of the background adds a nice touch.

Just a little pick-me-up to get you through this rainy, Wednesday afternoon. I shall be putting up some more of this gold dust later. And as always here is his site.

Apache from oneedo on Vimeo.

Dog in a Burning Building

Miles Kurosky, Will and Fran Krause collaboration

Great song, great video.
I love the Krause’s animation.

This is Will on twitter
and his website

This is Fran on twitter 
and his website

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