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creepy hug of the day

Good afternoon, I found a cool!

This hugtastic piece is by visual artist/illustrator Lim Heng Swee. Check out more on this website, go on, knock yourself out.

I’ve been doing this blog for about 6 months now and I really enjoy finding great illustrations and creations from the five corners of the internet. So I think I want to start drawing and see what comes out. And maybe one day I can be someone else’s find. Even if it is just to laugh at.
I’ll keep you updated… Shoddy sketches to be expected.


Thick Skinned

I adore these inside-out teddys. Especially the bear one, he looks so pissed off. Although if someone turned my skin inside out I’d be pretty pissed off too. I have found the most amazing website on these ‘experiments’ which I shall put together in a post later on today. Keep an eye out for it, unless it fell out, then don’t.

Boo. This is me signing off another day. Really late again, hopefully my body clock will rejoin the rest of the world.

Animals Being Human

Animals doing us. Here is a little selection of animals miming human traits this included a squirrel that drinks from straws, a frog that like to sit on chairs and a bear that waves goodbye. What a crazy cool world we live in. For a video of the frog just click the picture to be redirected to YouTube. Peace.

Time for Teeths

Happy Dragon Day

I couldn’t find any cool illustrations for St. George’s day so I thought anything with a dragon would do. Here’s a classic gem from ‘Flight of the Concords’:

Albi the Racist Dragon

I wish I have a giant rainbow jelly bean with bubblegum pie. Oh god, now I’m crying too.

Don’t Eat the Children

Amanda Visell defiantly has a distance style in her paintings. For me she is most iconic, is her use of child-like cartoons against dark, bleak backgrounds. I think this juxtaposition works very well, not only does it allows the colourful characters to ‘POP’ from the page, but it creates a darker/sinister tone. Visell likes to adopt this sinister theme throughout her work, often showing babies being eaten by monsters, (sometimes seeing them in their stomachs. Here is an example). This reminds me of classic fairytales, such as Hansel and Gretel, Little Red Riding Hood and The Three Little Pigs. I love her cartoons, tell me what you think below. Here is a link to her website or you can even follow her on wordpress.

It has a face!

So I was having a bath, as you do, but when I looked up to this starring back at me! Fucking creeped me the shit out. I see faces in everything but this one is too damn obvious…

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