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Bear Buddys

Bears only show their teeth to smile, which is often mistaken for aggression. Really they are in need of a hug, a big bear hug. Their likes include going for long walks on autumn days, a scratch in the centre of their back and raisons. Their dislikes include early mornings, fireworks and girls with blonde hair.

1. J.R Miller
2. Unknown


one of life’s greatest mysteries answered

Hey guys, me again!  Hope you’re all good up in the joint. I’ve spent a lot of this summer being a busy bee (pun intended) so thought I’d spend a bit of time showing you some love. I am going to Iceland in a week so should hopefully have some awesome photos to share when I get back. Big love. x

Birthday Time

It’s my birthday, I am 23 today. Yay. I am looking forwards to a cake of relaxing, cake and friends… and did I mention cake? Hopefully my day will look a bit like this:

This piece is from Richard McGuire’s ‘Night Becomes Day’. It is tres cool.

After today I’ll come back to you with lots of posts, picture and updates, as I have been slack lately! But for now, I am waiting for night to become day; so sweet dreams people of the night, see you at the break of the yellow of morning. xx

Mad at Mommy

“Little Bunny is VERY MAD at his mommy.
She sleeps too late.
She talks too much.
She watches her silly shows instead of cartoons.
And she gets mad for no reason — just a few little bubbles on the floor.”

‘Mad at Mommy’ by Komako Sakai.

Just adorable. Click here to view the book on Amazon and to have a ‘look inside’.

Oh No, George!

This is concept art from Chris Haughton’s creation ‘Oh No, George!’.  A cute little picture book about the mischievous dog named George. Chris Haughton’s is also the creator of ‘A Bit Lost‘, one of my favs.

Follow this link to watch an amiated trailer of the  ‘Oh No, George!’. Or just check out Mr Haughton’s website here.

A Bit Lost

This is Chris Haughton‘s owl from ‘A Bit Lost’…but…on a mat! Amazing.  Read more about it here.

A Doll’s Dream

This beautiful illustration is by Baek Yeong-su. It was made in Korean, 1958, for a children’s story book entitled ‘A Doll’s Dream’ . What an amazing thing! If I had this I would treasure it.

For more Korean Children’s Book and Magazine Covers (between the 1940s and 50s) click here; and scroll through an archive of childhood, illustration and history.


Here is an Elephant on Fire

Taken from a French children’s book entitled ‘Les Contraires’; meaning opposites. The book demonstrates opposites in a number of humorous and often strange ways. The elephant is the key character, he is used as a to represent the concept of  ‘big’. But as it turns out that is not all he is used for, he is also used to show the differences in this list of things: square, round, hairy, feathery, rocky, flat and (as seen below) on fire and not on fire. It is certainly refreshing to see a new way to teach children opposites, even if they are, bizarre to say the least. To see all these other opposites I have just listed click here.

These opposites are translated to mean “Lit” and “Extinguished.”

“cold as red as hate and anger”

“One night,
Dad went to visit Leon woodpecker
and ordered a light as a feather mask,
cold as red as hate and anger.”
-Margarita Deck 

Click to embiggen picture.

This is a wonderful Spanish children’s book, entitled ‘La máscara del león’ which is translated to mean ‘The lion mask’. Illustration by Paloma Valdivia. Here is a link to her webiste. Or for more info on the book click here.

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