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“If you want to get rich from writing, write the sort of thing that’s read by persons who move their lips when they’re reading to themselves.” ― Don Marquis


The Scrabble Challenge

Calling all Poets

If any of you love Scrabble as much as me then try this challenge. I came up with it after being up to my eyes in board games this Christmas… The next time you play a game challenge yourself to write a poem using the words you have created on your board. Sometimes random words can lead you into new, exciting territories that you would have never thought to explore.

This afternoon I actually tried it! Here is a photo of my game and the poem I wrote using the words on the board (see next post for poem). The process was really fun and resulted in something  refreshing and abstract. It really got me out of writing patterns that I always fall in.

As always let me know what you think. If you can’t be bothered to play a game but you wanna try this feel free to use my board as inspiration. x


“do you have a pen at hand?”


Amazing idea, practical and pretty. I love gimmick jewellery like this… although not so good when you are washing your hands! Click here for more pics.

“cold as red as hate and anger”

“One night,
Dad went to visit Leon woodpecker
and ordered a light as a feather mask,
cold as red as hate and anger.”
-Margarita Deck 

Click to embiggen picture.

This is a wonderful Spanish children’s book, entitled ‘La máscara del león’ which is translated to mean ‘The lion mask’. Illustration by Paloma Valdivia. Here is a link to her webiste. Or for more info on the book click here.

Forget Myself

I know how he feels, writing is a hard task. WordPress once threw this saying at me: “Easy reading is damn hard writing.” by Nathaniel Hawthorne, and I agree Nathaniel It really does. Even the descriptions under pictures takes a lot of time to come up with something that is half legible. So here I go:

This illustartion is by Paul Blow, it was comissions to be used for the Boston Globe Magazine. I’d buy that magazine if I saw this as a front cover. The simple use of colour scheme really sells it for me. I also like the fingers prints, but can’t help wonder if Blow put them in purposefully or by mistake. Either way it came out cool. Check out Paul Blows website here. Or just keep an eye out for more of his stuff on my blog.

Its Raining Cats and Dogs

It’s Raining cats and dogs –
The sky is going dark,
Instead of pitter-patter
Its splatter, yowl and bark

Bulldogs bounce on bonnets,
Alsatians hang in trees,
Poodles land on policemen
And bring them to their knees

Tabby cats come squealing
like rockets over head
Siamese look worried
At the pavement turning red

Its raining cats and dogs
Although it shouldn’t oughta.
Next time I pray for rain
I’ll add I mean water.

Steve Turner
This is a poem from my first ever poetry collection: ‘The Day I Fell Down the Toilet’ by Steve Turner. I forgot all about this book, until the afternoon rain and suddenly the words came flooding back to be (excuse the terrible pun). This book is a good way to get kids interested in poetry, the poems are catchy, humorous and quirky. Here’s a link for the book on Amazon. If you like this check out ‘Dad, You’re Not Funny’ also by Turner.

Frank Blunt
The second Frank Blunt illustration of today (picture above). I thought it fit the poem very well. If you haven’t checked him out already, he’s awesome here’s his flicker.

Hope you enjoyed my little collaboration, try not to get too soaked out there.

White is for Watching

Collaboration of the day.

Julia Pott [who I  posted about earlier today], animated this short piece. It is a teaser for the novel  ‘White is for Witching’ written by Helen Oyeyemi. The original artwork was created by my favourite artist, a name that is frequently heard on this blog, Jon Klassen. This chilling teaser is incredible, it depicts the bones of the story without giving away any mystery. I can not fault it. I want to find out what happens.

If anyone out there has read it, let me know what you thought. I’d be interested to know if you thought this video accurately portrays the plot.

For the curious, click here.

‘The Secret Of Kells’ – Pretty Vacant

‘The Secret Of Kells’ – Pretty Vacant..

So…my semi-review on ‘The Secret of Kells’ sparked this imaginative creative ball of words.  Thanks for the shout out Space Giraffe. I really didn’t say that much, but I will take it anyway. I like to be the one who smuggles curiosity into the brain.

Speaking of which, mine needs to sleep. Good night interblogs. For now.

Clare Shaw “The No Baby Poem”

There will be no ceremony

in a quiet wood for this. Today
the sun does not matter.
You have simply not made it
into existence. All science, all alchemy
have failed from the start.
There is only this
injury, nameless and wet.

You are everything I know now
of loss, the perfect
grey weight of it, constant,
which has turned down the light
in my face.

Had just one moment
of one month been different,
you would have been born
into winter.
We would have made the drive
in the late afternoon,
past front rooms in Luddenden
yellow with warmth
a jewelery of light in each window
to see you erupt like summer
into our hands.

No-show, non-event,
we have lost you
to a world where there is no word,
even for absence.
Whatever could have made you
is irrelevant. Today,
the slightest breeze could blow me
clean away.

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