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Super Freak at the Super Bowl

It’s the equivalent of American Football Christmas. I’m in my American onesie tryna understand all the millions of rules and routing for the Ravens. Best part so far was when Beyoncé shooed off the rest of Destiny’s Child when she was bored of them. Incidentally when ‘Single Ladies’ started playing. Standard. So I thought this pic was pretty apt. Enjoy x




Happy snow day people! I do love the snow, it makes everything look beautiful. But don’t be fooled it can trick you, my dog Harvey fell into a lake today trying to catch a ball. Silly marshmallow chaser.

I found this picture and thought it was perfect for today, I can’t find the illustrator though. Darn it. If any of you lovely people out there happen to know please do tell.

I am going to go out and enjoy the snow, but a parting word of advice, don’t eat the yellow snow, it’s not Slush Puppy contrary to the believes of five year-olds. I learnt the hard way…


Make badges. Not war.

Advice of the Day

a lesson to learn…

*puts on a silly hat*

The Olive Branch of War

The contradiction of this picture. ‘Cause after-all chess does represent war and an olive branch represents peace. Especially today, the day of the biggest chess game in the last two years. Today was the final of the ‘FIDE Chess World Championship’. Congratulations to India and the man himself  Viswanathan Anand. (I know all this chess stuff from my nerd boyfriend btw).

I thought this illustration was pretty apt for today’s international competition! Not sure who illustrated it though, I will keep looking through my archive, if you are interested.

Hope you guys had a good day, I just came back from kayaking with my lovely [insert text here] friend Katie Hale. Twas swell. Sweet tight folks. x

Personally, I Prefer Mildred…

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