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“What you are now, we once were; what we are now, you shall be.”

The quote above can be found in a crypt below a Roman church called Santa Maria della Concezione dei Cappuccini. A memento mori; ‘remember that you will die’.
by alejandra.hernandez

Illustration by Alejandra Hernández.


I’m dreaming of a white Easter

Hello people and a happy snow Saturday to you.

I hope you all enjoyed World Poetry Day day on Thursday! To celebrate the day here is an Incorrect Sylvia Plath quote, click on the quote to see more hilarious misquotes.

“You sound jealous and poor.”

— Sylvia Plath


“If you want to get rich from writing, write the sort of thing that’s read by persons who move their lips when they’re reading to themselves.” ― Don Marquis

Nothing makes you feel more like a villain than a swivel chair and a cat –  (my discovery at a computer desk with my nan’s fluffy cat).

The situation regarding spoons remains unchanged. If I see one, I will kill it – Werner Herzog

“Without you today’s emotions would be the scurf of yesterday’s” – Amélie

i am lay on my living room floor crying and shaking at how beautiful the olympic pop concert is. Chris (Simpsons artist) xox

An Empty Hell and a Dirty Heaven

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