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Ralph Wiggum

Meet my baby kitten Ralph Wiggum. He was my 4th year anniversary present from the boy. Although our anniversary is today we got him last friday so as you can he is very settled in. He is 3 months old, loves bits of string and sneezes a lot. We named him after our fav Simpsons character Ralph “GO BANANA” Wiggum. We rescued him from Battersea Home for Cats and Dogs, it is the best place to go the animals are looked after so well and you get to help an animal in need. Anyway hope you like him!



Valentine’s sniff

Happy Valentine’s Day. Hope it is a good one and that you eat lots of fancy pants chocolate whoever you are. Even if you didn’t get a card today remember:

Gemma Correll like
I like you. by Gemma Correll. xxxxx

Super Freak at the Super Bowl

It’s the equivalent of American Football Christmas. I’m in my American onesie tryna understand all the millions of rules and routing for the Ravens. Best part so far was when Beyoncé shooed off the rest of Destiny’s Child when she was bored of them. Incidentally when ‘Single Ladies’ started playing. Standard. So I thought this pic was pretty apt. Enjoy x


Nothing makes you feel more like a villain than a swivel chair and a cat –  (my discovery at a computer desk with my nan’s fluffy cat).

Copy Cat

I am more than a tad obsessed with Pinterest at the moment, it spins out soo many cool ideas; like baked marble necklaces, cupcake Ferris wheels,  chalk pens and plates with Lionel Richie’s face on it. Click here to see more. Novelty aside I have found the coolest gift ideas (although admittedly a lot of them are still novelty). Meet cat skirt:

cat skirt
Obviously I fell it love with it at first glance and wanted one. However my all my fingers are like big toes when it comes to sewing, so for Christmas the boy’s mum made it for me! So excited to wear it out and look like a big cat loser. I am starting to resemble the e-harmony video of that girl crying at the thought of every cat in the world, wearing little bow ties, in a basket, rolling around…wait, wait, it’s got me too now. Without further blabber or crying from me this is my new favouritest skirt in the entire world. Hope you like it!



one of life’s greatest mysteries answered

Hey guys, me again!  Hope you’re all good up in the joint. I’ve spent a lot of this summer being a busy bee (pun intended) so thought I’d spend a bit of time showing you some love. I am going to Iceland in a week so should hopefully have some awesome photos to share when I get back. Big love. x

to all cat lovers…

This is how my blog would look if cats ruled the world. Click me.

Make your own cat website by inserting URL here.

happy being a dad day, here’s a cat

Click here for 20 cats that got ties, for Father’s day. Very cute.

today is a jumper day, but everyday is a cat day

Brrrrr I am the cold one. I think this cat has the right idea, I was a little ambitious wearing pop socks and shorts today. How cute is this cat? I am very cat broody, encase you didn’t notice!

If you are just as obsessed with cats as I am (I know Space Giraffe is), then check out this wicked cat blog called ‘Cat Thoughtalog‘ where I found this little fellow. But in the mean time grab your jumpers before you leave the house folks! x

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