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Pumpkin Soup

No, don’t worry. I am not blogging the Kate Nash song. It was just the thing that I thought of when I saw this happy face/s (not sure if it is one face or two). Abstract, quirky and cute all wrapped up into one. By Andrew Kolb, a familiar face on my blog, to see more of him click this. Or else just click his name in the tagged bar. Big love.


Lonely Boy

This is lonely boy. He is lonely.Lonely boy likes lonely music like this. But mostly he just likes old shoes laces and black and white movies. His favourite number is 6 and his is an only child.

When I am lonely like lonely boy I listen to this lonely song and feel less lonely. Dancing makes me happy.

Illustration by Kristyna Litten. Music by The Black Keys.

Skeletons Love Bananas

Yep, it’s a well know fact. Skeletons like to cram in their five-a-day just like the rest of us. Although by the looks of it, they also like to eat the peel too…

This strange and wonderful piece is by the hand of Andy J Miller. To visit his site and see more of his work click here.

Bear Hug

I’m back! Sorry I didn’t post yesterday, had the busiest day known to mankind. Plus it was my mum’s Birthday, so I was busy wrapping presents, buying flowers and stuffing my face at a Turkish restaurant. It’s fair to say that I didn’t stick by my ‘healthy eating rule’ that day! So I’m back with a card layout from an illustrated named Joey Chou. Which is uber cute.

Joey Chou has popped up on my blog before, so go check him out by clicking his name in the ‘tag’ section. Or for a wider range of stuff there’s always his website.

Happy June folks, lets hope it’s a good one. x

Very Casual

A bear riding a Segway, sure, why not? I’ve posted weirder.

Bear by Louis Roskosch, hope he brought a smile to your face, if not see if any of on his website can.

“what disease are we dancing for tonight, darling?”

Slug Sunday

Bit of a random post, but this is slug, don’t ask me why he has the word ‘gin’ on him, I couldn’t tell you. I have him on my wall, I loves him. It’s something about his skew-whiff smile and doppy expression that does it for me. But then again, I like the whole clumsy charming combination, Doppy was my first kiss after all (this was when I was three years old and at Disneyland, don’t worry).

Anyway back to the matter at hand, this illustration was made by the capable Eleanor Meredith, please click here if you are curious on what else she does (I know I was!). Or if you want to know how one comes about buying one of these bad boys look no further. I found him on a weird and wonderful site called ‘Howkapow’, (such a great name, *gush*). You can also get him on a tea towel, which I just discover to my delight. I’ll shut up now.  Here is the link.

I hope my slug friend has brighten up your day a little or a the very least confused you. He does that to me every morning when I wake up and look at my wall. Oh the fun I have. Now I really will shut up now. No wait. Now.

because a penguin needs an umbrella…

Another from Matte Stephens, a penguin with a pipe, bow-tie and umbrella, as you do sir. Check out his etsy page.

Just watched ‘Rush Hour Three’ and my adrenaline pumping from the final fight scene on the Eiffel Tower. I love how casual the deaths are. The thing I hate about films, is how quickly they end, I feel like I get withdrawal symptoms when they are over. Rant over, it’s a good action film, with fun fight scenes. I don’t know what ‘Rush Hour Three’ has to do with a cute little penguin preparing for the rain, but it does.

Animal Russian Dolls

Here is the drawing of Rob Hodgson, he is my new favourite thing. He did an amazing cover for Catcher in the Rye (preview). Looking through his blog, he likes to experiment with line drawings, which really works well with the theme of desolation in his drawings. See what I mean by looking at his blog and site.

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