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“What you are now, we once were; what we are now, you shall be.”

The quote above can be found in a crypt below a Roman church called Santa Maria della Concezione dei Cappuccini. A memento mori; ‘remember that you will die’.
by alejandra.hernandez

Illustration by Alejandra Hernández.


Skull Spoons

Note: The alliterative title wasn’t intentional, ‘slug sunday’ and ‘skull spoons’ are just my brain making subconscious connections and patterns. Taha, my brain is like an unattended attic of lost or unwanted belongings…

On to the Spoon
They obviously wouldn’t function as usable spoons, soup would be off the menu for a very long time. But how curious this little things are. I do have a fascination with skulls, mainly Mexican-day-of-the-dead-skulls, but these are cool too. These spoons are vintage silver-plate  made into skulls by the artist Tom Sale aka Pinky Diablo. His wife Dolly Python, talks about the spoons connotation to death:

“We should be reminded of death, not be afraid of it. Maybe even laugh at it every now and then.”

As much as I agree with that statement I think Sale designed the spoons with something eerier in mind. The identical mark to on the right of the skull, (hypothetically speaking), suggests that some sort of foul play, perhaps even murder. Creepy thought. Although I am going a bit over board, they are just pieces of silver, and I am not on CSI Miami.

Mr. Sale has a website where he sells these spoons, there isn’t much information on there but if you are interested look here to see it. On a cheerier note the site does have this little quote from Sale/Pinky which I’ll leave you guys on:

Pinky says “Love your skeleton–she’s what holds you up!”

Goodnight folks, and don’t have nightmares. x

“I’m Not Going To Think About Her”

This is a melancholic short is by Lev Yilmaz, he has over 60 nihilistic videos like this. I’d describe his videos as possessing ‘sense of nothing-ness’. This one is particulary poignant, because it portrays Yilmaz’s a sense of personal loss, his unravelling of hope. I think this short is beautiful in its intimate detail of a once love, and as the fleeting moments pass, the audience also share that in that sense of emptiness. It is something that anyone who has loved and lost could relate to. It reminds me of death in a way. Tell me what you think. For more on Yilmaz visit his YouTube library of videos here. I have another video of his in mind to post next week, so look out for it.

Sexy Ghost

Here is another one of my weird themes they come in threes. You’ve seen the milkshake memes and the fireman sketches, now time for the sexy ghosts. [My brain doesn’t work the same as most, bare with me.]

Can’t remember where I found the first two but the last one is by Kaye Blegvad, whom you will see more of as this blog continues.
Look here for her website (don’t worry it’s not all ghost related).

Goodnight all, and don’t have nightmares, unless they’re sexy ones. In which case proceed.

The Dark and Dry

I have so much love for Fed Blunt. I was flicking through his site and saved almost every illustration he did. The thing that makes his stand out, is that he adds his own personality into his work. He doesn’t shy away from including his dry, dark sense of humour. I like brave illustrators; he who dares, wins. My philosophy is, you are not gonna please everyone all of the time, in fact people don’t like you for trying too hard, so why try? Just be yourself, it takes the pressure off and it that means being a little risqué then so be it! I am trying to train myself to care less about what people think and its refreshing to see someone be honest about themselves in there work. I have a wealth of images to show you regarding Mr. Blunt, but for now I’ll leave you with one that tickled me.

Another circus themed picture, I seem to be making a bit of a habit of this. Blunt’s blog is waiting for a ponder.


Pink apple soles
curl back,

chubby limbs
flop down

as the umbilical cord

around your
tiny creased neck.

Your liquid lungs
do not scream,

your eyelids
remain shut.

The fusion of
white coats

could not save you.
I rest your fragile body

on my swollen breast,
until the doctor

takes you away.

So as I promised, I’ve uploaded a poem. This piece was inspired by the last post, a poem about a miscarriage. With ‘Harvey’ I wanted to convey a still birth with simple haunting images. I wanted to express the same feeling of loss that Clare Shaw initially touched on, but at the same time maintain my own poetic voice . This, unlike most my work, is not confessional. I just wanted to share what I felt after reading ‘The No Baby Poem’. She is a beautiful writer. Explore.

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