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Fountain of Colour

This colourful shuffle is by Tim Lahan. I really like the blurred out shapes of the birds, although I’m not sure if the birds are being aggressive or giving each others piggy backs. [I am the most naive person I know, so probably the first option]. It looks like the food chain of birds of prey. Or maybe I just made that up? Well, whatever it is, I like it. See what you think of the rest of Lahan’s stuff by clicking here. He is very abstract but also funny too.


“strange yet oddly familiar creatures”

I posted ‘Thick Skinned’ earlier today, and it led me to find this incredible collection of inside-out soft toys. Scroll down for more information…

“Simple patterns and devices never meant to be seen are now prominent physical characteristics, giving each one a distinctly quirky personality: their fasteners become eyes, their seams become scars, and their stuffing creeps out in the most unexpected places. Together these images form a typology of strange yet oddly familiar creatures.”  – Kent Rogowski Read More.

These are my favourite few from a wonderful collection of  inside out teddy bears by Kent Rogowski. They ooze charm and cuteness. To see all the of zombie-like teddy gang click here.

Bear Hug

I’m back! Sorry I didn’t post yesterday, had the busiest day known to mankind. Plus it was my mum’s Birthday, so I was busy wrapping presents, buying flowers and stuffing my face at a Turkish restaurant. It’s fair to say that I didn’t stick by my ‘healthy eating rule’ that day! So I’m back with a card layout from an illustrated named Joey Chou. Which is uber cute.

Joey Chou has popped up on my blog before, so go check him out by clicking his name in the ‘tag’ section. Or for a wider range of stuff there’s always his website.

Happy June folks, lets hope it’s a good one. x

Men like their Fish

This amazing giant piece of wall art is by Agostino Iacurci. You can see the scale of the painting by the person standing at the bottom of it. Amazing! To see more of what Iacurci does click here to view his website.

“with all the roar of the sun”

[I don’t know why I put the title in quotation marks, it was only me who said it].

Beautiful, beautiful day in London. Don’t just look at my blog, get out there into the sun. That is what I am gonna do. Gonna hop into a kayak later and bob away till it’s late.

This little gem above is by a Rilla Alexander, I thought it was perfect for today as it’s the first bit of summer we have had. I love his lion slash sun face. To see more on Alexander please click here to visit their site. Otherwise,  get your sunnies on, a pair of shorts and go strut yourself about. Have fun in the sun, see you later…

boats for you (part two)

Here are some more from Shelly Davies’ boating website. Although the first picture I found on my lonesome 🙂

Also did I mention I’m a kayaking instructor? Just a little boating fact about me. Some embarrassing photos on this to follow.

As always, each artist is labelled (in order of appearance) at the end of this post, just click on their names to view their sites. 

1) Rob Dunlavey
2) Jon Klassen
3) Kinnon Elliott 
4) Dante Terzigni

boats are fun (part 1)

I found this really cool website that had this wonderful array of illustrations, with the theme of boats. I have chosen my favourite few to show you guys. Alternatively you could just skip out the middle man (i.e me) and look at the original post here. Kudos to Shelly Davies, she has a really cool website.

Anyway back to the boats. I love how varied they all are, each illustrator has a different style which makes for interesting viewing 😉

I have labelled each artist (in order of appearance) at the end of this post, just click on their names to view their sites. Look out for more to come…

1) Clemens Habicht
2) Elaine Pamphilon
3) Roger Duvoisin
4) Blexbolex

Peter Pan

Last night I watched ‘Peter Pan’ for the first time as an adult. And I have come to the realisation that Peter Pan is a bit of a brat! I was actually left feeling sorry for Captain Hook, after all the poor guy had his hand cut off and thrown to a crocodile. Never-the-less I think it is one of Disney’s underrated greats. So I Thought I’d share some cool artwork I found of Peter Pan and his adventures.

I also watched ‘Hook’ this week (yes, I was in a nostalgic mood) and that is fantastic too. For those who have not seen it, or who have not seen it in a while you must watch again and again. It’s like taking a holiday to childhood.

Below these illustrations are the names of the artists in order of appearance. Click on their names to visit websites where you view more of their work.

1) Brittney Lee
2) Amanda Visell
3) Mary Blair 

Capitals of Style

This trio is the work of Blanca Gomez. Update: Here is a link to her website, also here is a link to a cool little interview I found.

Happy Saturday people, I am off to wonder around London for today, although I wish I could be in Paris or New York after our bad weather.

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