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Staggering Beauty

Click picture for amazing surprise… and wear headphones if at work!!

…and shake away.


“strange yet oddly familiar creatures”

I posted ‘Thick Skinned’ earlier today, and it led me to find this incredible collection of inside-out soft toys. Scroll down for more information…

“Simple patterns and devices never meant to be seen are now prominent physical characteristics, giving each one a distinctly quirky personality: their fasteners become eyes, their seams become scars, and their stuffing creeps out in the most unexpected places. Together these images form a typology of strange yet oddly familiar creatures.”  – Kent Rogowski Read More.

These are my favourite few from a wonderful collection of  inside out teddy bears by Kent Rogowski. They ooze charm and cuteness. To see all the of zombie-like teddy gang click here.

“how much do polar bears weigh?”

“…enough to break the ice!”
Boom boom. Crappy joke, but hopefully this polar bear will make up for it:

Probably more apt then Viagra
This wonderful Polar Bear was made by a lady named Eleanor Grosch. For some unknown reason when I clicked on her website it lead me to an online drugstore for erectile dysfunction. Wow, maybe someone played a weird joke on her. It is kinda funny, but I have to say it really surprised me. I don’t want my blog to be associated a random Canadian chemist so if you are curious, Google her name and see for yourself! Let me know what you think. Anyway, to bypass that little mishap, I have instead attached a website where you can look at, and perhaps buy prints she has made. Probably more apt then Viagra.

Thick Skinned

I adore these inside-out teddys. Especially the bear one, he looks so pissed off. Although if someone turned my skin inside out I’d be pretty pissed off too. I have found the most amazing website on these ‘experiments’ which I shall put together in a post later on today. Keep an eye out for it, unless it fell out, then don’t.

Lonely Boy

This is lonely boy. He is lonely.Lonely boy likes lonely music like this. But mostly he just likes old shoes laces and black and white movies. His favourite number is 6 and his is an only child.

When I am lonely like lonely boy I listen to this lonely song and feel less lonely. Dancing makes me happy.

Illustration by Kristyna Litten. Music by The Black Keys.

Tennis Sex Face

I love these faces, especially the one on the bottom left. 🙂
Here come the tennis orgasms:

Here is an Elephant on Fire

Taken from a French children’s book entitled ‘Les Contraires’; meaning opposites. The book demonstrates opposites in a number of humorous and often strange ways. The elephant is the key character, he is used as a to represent the concept of  ‘big’. But as it turns out that is not all he is used for, he is also used to show the differences in this list of things: square, round, hairy, feathery, rocky, flat and (as seen below) on fire and not on fire. It is certainly refreshing to see a new way to teach children opposites, even if they are, bizarre to say the least. To see all these other opposites I have just listed click here.

These opposites are translated to mean “Lit” and “Extinguished.”

Very Casual

A bear riding a Segway, sure, why not? I’ve posted weirder.

Bear by Louis Roskosch, hope he brought a smile to your face, if not see if any of on his website can.

“what type of face cream does jesus use?”

“what disease are we dancing for tonight, darling?”

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