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War Photographer ♫

Jason Forrest’s song ‘War Photographer’ plus animation by Joel Trussell, equals one very cool music video. Colours and character designs are incredible. The animation has the perfect synchronisation to the beat.

This is how ‘Guitar Hero’ should look.

Here is a link to Jason Forrest’s website.
I will defiantly be posting more music videos from Joel Trussell but if you cannot wait till then have a brouse on his website here.


Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad, is my all time favourite show. If you watch it, check this out. I love this mash up:

Picture cited. 

Cookie Monster’s Away on Business

To continue on with my muppets theme today I thought I’d post this. Little bit of Tom Waits teamed up with the Cookie Monster. Wow, never thought I’d say that in one sentence. Anyway the similarities are uncanny.

Half Remembered Dream

This film was made by the young ‘Barbican Young Filmmakers’ inspired by us, the ‘Barbican Young Poets’ using the theme of ‘Dreams’.
I was involved in making this short, I am shown here reading a poem by my fellow poet Kemi Fontaine. See what you think:

Was a cool experience. I look very angry.

Its Raining Cats and Dogs

It’s Raining cats and dogs –
The sky is going dark,
Instead of pitter-patter
Its splatter, yowl and bark

Bulldogs bounce on bonnets,
Alsatians hang in trees,
Poodles land on policemen
And bring them to their knees

Tabby cats come squealing
like rockets over head
Siamese look worried
At the pavement turning red

Its raining cats and dogs
Although it shouldn’t oughta.
Next time I pray for rain
I’ll add I mean water.

Steve Turner
This is a poem from my first ever poetry collection: ‘The Day I Fell Down the Toilet’ by Steve Turner. I forgot all about this book, until the afternoon rain and suddenly the words came flooding back to be (excuse the terrible pun). This book is a good way to get kids interested in poetry, the poems are catchy, humorous and quirky. Here’s a link for the book on Amazon. If you like this check out ‘Dad, You’re Not Funny’ also by Turner.

Frank Blunt
The second Frank Blunt illustration of today (picture above). I thought it fit the poem very well. If you haven’t checked him out already, he’s awesome here’s his flicker.

Hope you enjoyed my little collaboration, try not to get too soaked out there.

White is for Watching

Collaboration of the day.

Julia Pott [who I  posted about earlier today], animated this short piece. It is a teaser for the novel  ‘White is for Witching’ written by Helen Oyeyemi. The original artwork was created by my favourite artist, a name that is frequently heard on this blog, Jon Klassen. This chilling teaser is incredible, it depicts the bones of the story without giving away any mystery. I can not fault it. I want to find out what happens.

If anyone out there has read it, let me know what you thought. I’d be interested to know if you thought this video accurately portrays the plot.

For the curious, click here.

Dog in a Burning Building

Miles Kurosky, Will and Fran Krause collaboration

Great song, great video.
I love the Krause’s animation.

This is Will on twitter
and his website

This is Fran on twitter 
and his website

A$AP BARNEY “Purple Swag”

The boy and Myles stayed up all night to make this.
It’s pretty rad. Don’t watch if you want to keep your childhood intact.

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