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1st class stamp to space

Morning fellow humans. It’s a lovely Sunday for Basketball.

I have recently been blogging about collections, today, I like to post some about stamps. But they wont be boring regular ones with queen on the front, no sir… they will be little gems like this, wonderfully fun illustrated ones. Anyway I better get researching, they wont compile themselves. Send in any that you like, if that is your thing!


Everyday I’m Shuffling

Just finished reading at the Poetry Place ‘Shuffle’. Quiet an honour to be amongst all the amazing poets. My sister filmed the whole thing, so may post a snippet later, if anyone was interested to see. Glad my sister finally got to see me read too. Very cool place.

Mad Men on Mars

Well hello there, I greet you with this rather suave looking alien thing. This picture looks like a pitch for a show called ‘Mad Men’ on Mars. The colour scheme is very typical of Ben Newman, Newman is metaphorically like one of those bands you can always recognise on the radio. I don’t mean that in a bad way, there is defiantly something to be said of an artist, having a ‘trait’ and a recognisable style. Plus he normally has bad ass colour schemes.

I hope you’ll are having a great Friday. I am getting nervous as I have a poetry reading tomorrow at the Shuffle. Six people are coming to see me including my dad, sister and long lost cousin, which is nerve racking to me as it will be the first time they will see me read. It’s especially embarrassing as most the poems in my collection are about my dad robbing banks. No-eye-contact-allowed. I may just have to introduce him as a distant relative. Anyway, I am gonna try to film the reading so look forward to a little snippet of me making a fool of myself on stage. It should be posted in the next few days. My soon-to-be-new alias is ‘Crime Poet’, as my friend insists I be.

The Accident

This story is really touching. I can relate to the narrator, Its hard to write from personal experience. I found it difficult the first time I wrote confessional poetry. Especially when opening up about visiting my dad in prison at the age of five.

I didn’t know how describe this video without giving the plot away, so I thought I ‘d let YouTube do it for me, and copied the description. I find it strange her talking about her uncle ’cause I too have an uncle Stephen. Anyway here’s the comment:

‘A story about human endeavour, obsessions and mistakes. A childhood memory is presented in a number of ways to reveal the story of an uncle’s unfinished task.’
By blackwatch.

Charlotte Eats Paint

My amazing sister made these on paint. Go, Char. I like the dribbling dog. Although, the meat reminds me of the creepy scene from the Poltergeist, when it comes alive. I’m so shit at horror films. I have to look the film up on Wikipedia before I actually watch them, so there’s not surprises. That’s how lame I am. I probably know more about horror films then most people because of that extensive research. True that.

The Strange Case of Dad’s Missing Head

“THE STRANGE CASE OF DAD´S MISSING HEAD” teaser trailer 2008 from Headless Productions on Vimeo.

Very, very cool. I wish this was a feature film. I’d be all over that shizzle.



This is one of my favourite pictures of me and my sister, she went away on holiday and I really miss her.

– Come home soon Chars. I can’t handle family reunions without you again. Our family is too crazy to go it alone. I had to hang out with the toddler the whole time. He liked to blow bubbles, mainly aiming at my mouth, I think I can still taste the washing up liquid. xx



My baby sister


Only Charlotte’s Doing

With the white press of the rosary
she whimpers meaning into words,

offering the temporary comfort of prayer.
She arches her neck towards her reflection

then covers yesterday’s skin
with a thick liquid layer.

Pinch and pluck lashes
until her lids are pink –

like soft soles of a newborn.
Next she coarsely applies mascara

to the remaining stumps
congealing the damage together.

With the white press of the rosary
she whimpers meaning into words.

Happy Birthday Dad

Happy Birthday Dad

Well most the collection is about you. So I thought I’d give you a quick mention for your birthday. Here’s you at 19 with me.

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