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Poetry Takeaway

Today, was mine and Katie Hale’s first ever event as [insert text here]. We held a humble reading of five poets in south London’s Deptford Lounge. It was heaps of fun to organise and take part. We had great support, so just wanna say a little thank you to all involved. We took photos and videos of the event, so look out for those in the upcoming week. If you want to know more about this event or want to be involved in upcoming events please follow [insert text here]. Don’t be shy to say hello, we love to talk!

If you live in the UK I hope you enjoyed the sun today, apparently it was hotter than Africa!

We even snuck in a little Southbank action after the event. (As you can see in the picture  above of us fooling about).


An Eye for a Gherkin

Now I’m off to this bit of London to shop and eat. I’ll leave you with this wonderful illustration by Sophie Joyce.
I love how hectic London looks, that is always how I picture it in my head.  Click here to see more from Ms Joyce.

James Davies “There and Back”

Friend and great illustrator.

Click picture for more.

Proud to Live here


I Love the South Bank

I love the South Bank

Had my first official meeting for [insert text here] today.

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