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happy XX chromosomes day

Happy International Woman’s Day! To celebrate all the XX chromosomes out there, I thought I’d share the perfect tribute song – ladies and gentlemen it’s the beautiful sound of The XX.


Rhapsody in Blue Animation

Two of my friends were involved in making this amazing music video. I think its great, but have a watch for yourself!

Nailed It

This is ‘wow’. This does not get old, I keep pressing replay.

I love the single tear on his cheek from sheer joy. Watch and you may cry too!

Duck run; (like chicken run, but with ducks)

Cutest thing ever. I love this little fellow.

Wink at the Knees

Okay, now that pun really was a terrible. Sorry I wont do it again.

Click picture and watch it blink. 

Guilty Pets

LOL. Amazing YouTube clips of guilty animals. I love the cats face! Comment below and tell me what you think! x


Amazingly beautiful short film, be patient and watch till the very end, It is worth it.

Such a creative, sweet and touching story. If you get the whole way through let me know what you think in the comment bar below. 🙂

New Pixar Film: Wreck-It Ralph

Must See! This looks incredible, the best idea for a film ever.

Lonely Boy

This is lonely boy. He is lonely.Lonely boy likes lonely music like this. But mostly he just likes old shoes laces and black and white movies. His favourite number is 6 and his is an only child.

When I am lonely like lonely boy I listen to this lonely song and feel less lonely. Dancing makes me happy.

Illustration by Kristyna Litten. Music by The Black Keys.

Skeletons Love to Dance

Skeletons also like to expressive their emotions thought dance, who knew? Some sweet moves.

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