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Gingers in Films…

…cats of course! Here is a selection of Hollywood’s favourite cactors, (sorry wont do that EVER again). Cat puns can never be good but If you find some goodies post them under this post.


“Without you today’s emotions would be the scurf of yesterday’s” – Amélie

Peter Pan

Last night I watched ‘Peter Pan’ for the first time as an adult. And I have come to the realisation that Peter Pan is a bit of a brat! I was actually left feeling sorry for Captain Hook, after all the poor guy had his hand cut off and thrown to a crocodile. Never-the-less I think it is one of Disney’s underrated greats. So I Thought I’d share some cool artwork I found of Peter Pan and his adventures.

I also watched ‘Hook’ this week (yes, I was in a nostalgic mood) and that is fantastic too. For those who have not seen it, or who have not seen it in a while you must watch again and again. It’s like taking a holiday to childhood.

Below these illustrations are the names of the artists in order of appearance. Click on their names to visit websites where you view more of their work.

1) Brittney Lee
2) Amanda Visell
3) Mary Blair 

The Adventures of E.T

Another tequila sized shot of Scott C and his fascination with pop culture. I love this sequence of E.T and the everyday things he does with his friends. Makes him feel like a nice, easy going kinda guy, heck, I want to spend some time with him. For more pop culture references, including more of E.T’s adventures look here. Otherwise here is his general website.

What to do now? Do you think E.T would like a game of Scrabble?

Popping up in Bath

Surprise. Happy Sunday. Here is a little GIF from the film ‘Fantastic Mr. Fox’, an amazing adventure story for all ages. I actually watched this film in Bath’s Little Theatre on Halloween 2009. I wasn’t aware at the time, but one of the key action scenes were based on that very theatre we were sitting in. I was kicking myself when I found out a year later.

“Director Wes Anderson spotted the building during a trip to the city with his girlfriend and decided the look of Bath was perfect for the film. The model town which features in the movie has been based on photographs taken of Bath during that visit and includes Georgian townhouses as well as the independent cinema.Mr Anderson said the city was the perfect location.

He said: “The town, for example, where part of the movie is set, is Bath…My girlfriend and I were in Bath and we were saying you know this square here would be great. This is a good space for the showdown and the manhole here is great…And, of course, you have to make it all miniature before you can put it in the film.”

This abstract has been taken from an online article from the ‘this is bath’ website, to read more of this article please look here.


I love this film. Especially because it was the launch of Natalie Portman’s acting career. She is amazing, my favourite film she is in is V for Vendetta, but then again I’m a Sci-Fi geek. And a sucker for films set in an alternative future, like Blade Runner, Logans’s Run, 1984 and Delicatessen. More on that later for for now its dress up time!

Film Inspiration

‘Stasi – for your Safety’ (previous poem) was inspired by the brilliant and moving film ‘The Lives of Others’.

I wanted to portray the terror and control the Stasi (secret police) possessed over the citizens of East Germany. Thus hightlighting people’s lack of freedom in actions and thoughts. The film paints a picture not far from George Orwell’s ‘1984’, it’s utterly disturbing and I wanted the poem to echo this. Hope you enjoy it.

I have attached ‘The Lives of Others’ trailer encase you are interested:

“We are not enemies, but…

“We are not enemies, but friends. We must not be enemies. Though passion may have strained, it must not break our bonds of affection. The mystic chords of memory will swell when again touched, as surely they will be, by the better angels of our nature.”

Abraham Lincoln Sited in American History X

This is just beautiful.

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