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Put a Tiger in your Tank

My kitten Ralph is testing out his new tank in order to take over the living room! I kid, I kid – take over the world! i’m Pinky and he’s the Brain.

I made this yesterday with James and the boy and it’s the best thing ever. It can even shoot out ping pong balls (very slowly). I hope you enjoy the use of Amazon and Asos boxes as much as I do, see what you can craft up. Here is a little inspiration Caine’s Arcade.


Ralph Wiggum

Meet my baby kitten Ralph Wiggum. He was my 4th year anniversary present from the boy. Although our anniversary is today we got him last friday so as you can he is very settled in. He is 3 months old, loves bits of string and sneezes a lot. We named him after our fav Simpsons character Ralph “GO BANANA” Wiggum. We rescued him from Battersea Home for Cats and Dogs, it is the best place to go the animals are looked after so well and you get to help an animal in need. Anyway hope you like him!


Secretly In Love

Right now I am lovin’ Wes Anderson. I watched Moonrise Kingdom the other day and it was incredible, it will sit alongside Fantastic Mr Fox in my head and I will laugh with joy whenever I think of them. Seriously check them both out if you haven’t already. (Check this earlier post I wrote about Mr Fox).

So when I found this inspired art of The Royal Tenenbaums I had to share. Hope you like as much as I do! Artwork by Nan Lawson which is also buy-able.


Pancake Party 2

Happy Pancake Day!!
Last year I posted a picture of my pancakes so I thought I’d keep the tradition. Introducing frickin’ Banana Pirate Pancakes!


Also today I have discovered that I am flipping good at flipping. True story…

Copy Cat

I am more than a tad obsessed with Pinterest at the moment, it spins out soo many cool ideas; like baked marble necklaces, cupcake Ferris wheels,  chalk pens and plates with Lionel Richie’s face on it. Click here to see more. Novelty aside I have found the coolest gift ideas (although admittedly a lot of them are still novelty). Meet cat skirt:

cat skirt
Obviously I fell it love with it at first glance and wanted one. However my all my fingers are like big toes when it comes to sewing, so for Christmas the boy’s mum made it for me! So excited to wear it out and look like a big cat loser. I am starting to resemble the e-harmony video of that girl crying at the thought of every cat in the world, wearing little bow ties, in a basket, rolling around…wait, wait, it’s got me too now. Without further blabber or crying from me this is my new favouritest skirt in the entire world. Hope you like it!




“Without you today’s emotions would be the scurf of yesterday’s” – Amélie

to all cat lovers…

This is how my blog would look if cats ruled the world. Click me.

Make your own cat website by inserting URL here.

The Project Twins’

A-Z of Unusual Words


Mentally or emotionally distant; absent-minded.


A disorder characterised by an uncontrollable urge to dance.


A knockout punch, either verbal or physical.

I adore this collection of usual; both the usual words and the usual illustrations. Thanks for making them Project Twins 🙂
To see the full alphabet click here.

Wander the Universe

The Scale of the Universe 

A website that I discovered many moons ago and forgot about till this very moment. The scale of the Universe is literally at your finger tips;. It allows you to zoom in, to the absolute smallest atoms known to mankind and zoom out, to the breadth of scientific understanding. It is breath-takingly beautiful. For best results look at during  night, when pondering on life’s many unsolved mysteries.

I cannot do the visuals  justice with my clumsy wording so look for yourself. Unfortunately I can’t embed this on to this post, so to see it you need to

With no picture I though I should spice this post up a bit, by introducing this amazing illustration by Anneka Tran; on planets. Very apt. This is my second post on her today. 🙂

Well this is a very late one for me, so goodnight and continue to wander the internet or the universe at your leisure. Peace x

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