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Ralph Wiggum

Meet my baby kitten Ralph Wiggum. He was my 4th year anniversary present from the boy. Although our anniversary is today we got him last friday so as you can he is very settled in. He is 3 months old, loves bits of string and sneezes a lot. We named him after our fav Simpsons character Ralph “GO BANANA” Wiggum. We rescued him from Battersea Home for Cats and Dogs, it is the best place to go the animals are looked after so well and you get to help an animal in need. Anyway hope you like him!



Sly Dolphins

Alas, I cannot sleep, there is too much to think about. And when I cannot sleep I think about all the big things in life, like can you make home-made spam, why are Hippos so angry and are Dolphins really just gay sharks? Of course I know  they are not gay sharks, but while we are on the subject I believe there is something suppositious about them. They always smiling like they know a secret, they click their mouths every 5 seconds like a dog trainer and have tiny pegs for teeth. No, I don’t trust them.

So when I found this ‘factual’ illustration about Dolphins my supposition were confirmed. Listen in for the secrets of the trade:


Illustration by Oona Brown. Click here for website.

Kissed by the Rose

Hello readers, I trust you have an enjoyable Christmas! I have to confess I hate January more than stepping on Lego.  However this image cheered me up, more than a little. I thought I’d share to pull any of you out of the January blues.

pug seal

This year It is my mission to share more illustration, costumes and poems with you so as Kenan and Kel say ‘Aw here goes’.

to all cat lovers…

This is how my blog would look if cats ruled the world. Click me.

Make your own cat website by inserting URL here.

Oh No, George!

This is concept art from Chris Haughton’s creation ‘Oh No, George!’.  A cute little picture book about the mischievous dog named George. Chris Haughton’s is also the creator of ‘A Bit Lost‘, one of my favs.

Follow this link to watch an amiated trailer of the  ‘Oh No, George!’. Or just check out Mr Haughton’s website here.

Animal Photobomb

I love this serendipitous collection of photos. The Llama looks so cheeky, I had to share!

happy being a dad day, here’s a cat

Click here for 20 cats that got ties, for Father’s day. Very cute.

Fountain of Colour

This colourful shuffle is by Tim Lahan. I really like the blurred out shapes of the birds, although I’m not sure if the birds are being aggressive or giving each others piggy backs. [I am the most naive person I know, so probably the first option]. It looks like the food chain of birds of prey. Or maybe I just made that up? Well, whatever it is, I like it. See what you think of the rest of Lahan’s stuff by clicking here. He is very abstract but also funny too.

Guilty Pets

LOL. Amazing YouTube clips of guilty animals. I love the cats face! Comment below and tell me what you think! x

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