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I’m dreaming of a white Easter

Hello people and a happy snow Saturday to you.

I hope you all enjoyed World Poetry Day day on Thursday! To celebrate the day here is an Incorrect Sylvia Plath quote, click on the quote to see more hilarious misquotes.

“You sound jealous and poor.”

— Sylvia Plath


today is a jumper day, but everyday is a cat day

Brrrrr I am the cold one. I think this cat has the right idea, I was a little ambitious wearing pop socks and shorts today. How cute is this cat? I am very cat broody, encase you didn’t notice!

If you are just as obsessed with cats as I am (I know Space Giraffe is), then check out this wicked cat blog called ‘Cat Thoughtalog‘ where I found this little fellow. But in the mean time grab your jumpers before you leave the house folks! x


you’re so vain, I bet you think this post is about you

Silly picture for today, happy Sunday! Enjoy those rays. x

“with all the roar of the sun”

[I don’t know why I put the title in quotation marks, it was only me who said it].

Beautiful, beautiful day in London. Don’t just look at my blog, get out there into the sun. That is what I am gonna do. Gonna hop into a kayak later and bob away till it’s late.

This little gem above is by a Rilla Alexander, I thought it was perfect for today as it’s the first bit of summer we have had. I love his lion slash sun face. To see more on Alexander please click here to visit their site. Otherwise,  get your sunnies on, a pair of shorts and go strut yourself about. Have fun in the sun, see you later…

Melon Water

 ‘Good Weather’ by Sarah Illenberger

Yet again another post on watermelons. This pretty much sums up how it is outside right now. Here is an array of Illenberger’s work on Design Boom or click on the picture to visit her actual site. Hope you remember your brollys today!


Its Raining Cats and Dogs

It’s Raining cats and dogs –
The sky is going dark,
Instead of pitter-patter
Its splatter, yowl and bark

Bulldogs bounce on bonnets,
Alsatians hang in trees,
Poodles land on policemen
And bring them to their knees

Tabby cats come squealing
like rockets over head
Siamese look worried
At the pavement turning red

Its raining cats and dogs
Although it shouldn’t oughta.
Next time I pray for rain
I’ll add I mean water.

Steve Turner
This is a poem from my first ever poetry collection: ‘The Day I Fell Down the Toilet’ by Steve Turner. I forgot all about this book, until the afternoon rain and suddenly the words came flooding back to be (excuse the terrible pun). This book is a good way to get kids interested in poetry, the poems are catchy, humorous and quirky. Here’s a link for the book on Amazon. If you like this check out ‘Dad, You’re Not Funny’ also by Turner.

Frank Blunt
The second Frank Blunt illustration of today (picture above). I thought it fit the poem very well. If you haven’t checked him out already, he’s awesome here’s his flicker.

Hope you enjoyed my little collaboration, try not to get too soaked out there.

Sad Sky

Sad Sky

Come back Mr. Sun even the clouds are sad.
I love this illustration by Clive McFarland.

Click the picture for more.

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