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Ralph Wiggum

Meet my baby kitten Ralph Wiggum. He was my 4th year anniversary present from the boy. Although our anniversary is today we got him last friday so as you can he is very settled in. He is 3 months old, loves bits of string and sneezes a lot. We named him after our fav Simpsons character Ralph “GO BANANA” Wiggum. We rescued him from Battersea Home for Cats and Dogs, it is the best place to go the animals are looked after so well and you get to help an animal in need. Anyway hope you like him!



Cute Bank

It’s been one of those days that you need to detract you mind from your thoughts. I just saw a car crash, nothing too serious but I was on a bus at the time so I don’t know much. So I am sad today. And on those days I find myself a happy procrastination to do, today that happens to be the internet. (well most days that happens to be the internet but who’s counting?) This is what I found:

I think everyone should have their own ‘pick-me-ups’ (no, not the crappy old granny magazine), something that makes you feel happy. Figure out what makes you smile and use it whenever you are down. Just like emergency chocolate but with CATS or 12 hours of Fifa. Tell me what your ‘pick-me-ups’ are. Sharing time!


Just thought I’d add a touch of colour to this otherwise grey day. Don’t worry colours like these bold reds and brilliant blues  still existed – they are just waiting for the right moment to appear.

This wonderfully weird number is by Delphine Durand. She has an amazing body of work, I particularly like her sketches. If you are itching to see what I am talking about click here. Alternatively just refresh my blog every second of every day till I upload more from her.  Just kidding! I’ll post some tomorrow.

Oh No, George!

This is concept art from Chris Haughton’s creation ‘Oh No, George!’.  A cute little picture book about the mischievous dog named George. Chris Haughton’s is also the creator of ‘A Bit Lost‘, one of my favs.

Follow this link to watch an amiated trailer of the  ‘Oh No, George!’. Or just check out Mr Haughton’s website here.

Rose Red and Snow White

This is Brigette Barrager’s wonderful illustration fairytale, it sets the perfect mood for the summer. You can see the matching piece that I have posted here. Barrager states on her blog that: “This painting will be on display this July at the Wonderful World of Animation, in a fairy tale themed show”. So keep an eye out for it. And here is a link to her blog.

“tweeting is not just for twitter”

Good morning early birds, just thought I’d share with you some neat illustrations I found, on birds. (You didn’t think I crow-barred that bird reference in for no reason, did you?) And here they are in their full glory. I tried to choose a variety of different illustrations, so you could recognise each artist as individual, lets see if it’s worked:

As always, the artists are labelled below (in order of appearance). Just click on their names to view their sites:

Gervais Merryweather
Dante Terzigni
Lotta Nieminen

Thank you for checking out my blog today, here is a little joke I found to show my my appreciation:

What has four wheels, two wings, and flies? 
A bird…I was lying about the wheels.

Okay, silly joke, but it made me smile. Have a great day people.

the carnivores

Just wanted to share a  little snippet of my memories. This picture is of me and one of my best friends in the world Jonathan, aka Carnivore. This was taken last year when Jonathan was deejaying at Moles indi night. It’s nice to look back on old photos…

Capitals of Style

This trio is the work of Blanca Gomez. Update: Here is a link to her website, also here is a link to a cool little interview I found.

Happy Saturday people, I am off to wonder around London for today, although I wish I could be in Paris or New York after our bad weather.

because a penguin needs an umbrella…

Another from Matte Stephens, a penguin with a pipe, bow-tie and umbrella, as you do sir. Check out his etsy page.

Just watched ‘Rush Hour Three’ and my adrenaline pumping from the final fight scene on the Eiffel Tower. I love how casual the deaths are. The thing I hate about films, is how quickly they end, I feel like I get withdrawal symptoms when they are over. Rant over, it’s a good action film, with fun fight scenes. I don’t know what ‘Rush Hour Three’ has to do with a cute little penguin preparing for the rain, but it does.

a wednesday puzzle

Click to Embiggen

Here is my second puzzle for puzzle Wednesday, a pretend day, that I just made up.This illustration is from Sasha Barr, and was printed in the spread for Anorak Magazine Happy Activity Book. He is discovery of the day. I really like he work, and shall be posting some of his posters that I found later on. But for now check out his site and get going with the puzzle!

Oh my god, I’ve only gone and found another website that blinks at me!  Kolb’s website does too, It has a creepy little face icon, (in the left hand top corner) that blinks every now and again! Yikes. Really creepy illustrators, cool, but none-the-less creepy.

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