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Because you’re gorgeous

Well you are it’s a fact. And I want you all to feel special whoever you.

I felt extra special today when I revived my Valentine’s card (below), from my crazy, cute, bear obsessed buddy Lavinia. It’s supposed to be from anonymous I know her handwriting anywhere. So thank you! 



Pancake Party 2

Happy Pancake Day!!
Last year I posted a picture of my pancakes so I thought I’d keep the tradition. Introducing frickin’ Banana Pirate Pancakes!


Also today I have discovered that I am flipping good at flipping. True story…

Happy Halloween Peoples

Here is a share of my costume, I’ve worn it since 8am this morning and it’s still not rubbed off. I reckon it will take a few baths before I stop being grey. Anyway I hope you are all getting festive with your faces.

from a land of rainbows and moon rock

Just came back from Iceland, had the best time ever! I paddled the supposed most dangerous river of Iceland,  jumped of a cliff, drank from a waterfall then stoked a kitten- all in a day’s work!

Visiting the south of Iceland is like taking a trip to the moon, the land is like no other I have ever seen. Rainbows pop out of every imaginable corner and the horses are tiny. I rode one called Viking. He was a cool dude.

For those that are interested the bad boy bellow is called Seljalandsfoss. Foss means waterfall, and Seljalands means unicorn. Just kidding, I have no idea what Seljalands means…

Fred Blocks

This is me playing around with my XYZ blocks I got for my birthday, I love them. They represent an alternative to the exhausted structure of:
‘A is for apple, B is for ball and C is for cat’.
They offer a much more inventive way of learning, that really sticks in your mind:
‘A is for afro, B is for bald and C is for corndog’.
Not to mention the typography is amazingly colourful and diverse.

To see more click here.
llustration by Christian Northeast

one of life’s greatest mysteries answered

Hey guys, me again!  Hope you’re all good up in the joint. I’ve spent a lot of this summer being a busy bee (pun intended) so thought I’d spend a bit of time showing you some love. I am going to Iceland in a week so should hopefully have some awesome photos to share when I get back. Big love. x

Lego Pirate Ship *excitement*

And here it is. The Black Pearl. Afternoon well spent. (Y)
Taha, I am such a loser.

Poetry Takeaway

Today, was mine and Katie Hale’s first ever event as [insert text here]. We held a humble reading of five poets in south London’s Deptford Lounge. It was heaps of fun to organise and take part. We had great support, so just wanna say a little thank you to all involved. We took photos and videos of the event, so look out for those in the upcoming week. If you want to know more about this event or want to be involved in upcoming events please follow [insert text here]. Don’t be shy to say hello, we love to talk!

If you live in the UK I hope you enjoyed the sun today, apparently it was hotter than Africa!

We even snuck in a little Southbank action after the event. (As you can see in the picture  above of us fooling about).

Pancake Party

This morning I had a pancake party, well, err I had pancakes with my mum and a friend. Kinda the same thing. The picture above is the pancakes I made from pancake day, I forgot to take a photo of today’s.

I think pancakes should not be restricted to one day a year, there needs to be more pancake parts around the world on everyday that is happy.

let’s go fly a kite

Hey Bloggers, It’s been a while. I just took a few days off, been up to loads! Today alone I went cycling,  flew two kites at the same time and went to a Turkish restaurant. I had such a good time, now that the weather has perked up a bit, the world is a happier place. This is a picture of my first big boy kiting experience. It is the best fun, you guys should try it…

Anyway, I shall be posting like usual tomorrow. Have some more illustrators to shine the light on and lots to talk about. Stay tuned and enjoy the sun peeps. xx

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