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I think it’s more than 15 tonight Amelie…



Elephants are not sexy

“What you gonna do with all that junk all that junk inside your trunk?”

Who are we kidding elephants are NOT sexy. That are¬†adorable¬†and have been know to play the flute or paint pretty pictures, but they are not sexy. This was a Valentine’s Day card to the boy, I thought I’d make it this year. It is pretty much ripped off from one of my pinterest find called ‘Thirsty¬†Elephant’ ¬†by¬†Terry Fan

p.s. sorry for all the posts today, I am not even that into Valentine’s Day. I just missed blogging.

my elephant

You fit into me
like a hook into an eye
a fish hook
an open eye

– Margaret Atwood


Because you’re gorgeous

Well you are it’s a fact. And I want you all to feel special whoever you.

I felt extra special today when I¬†revived¬†my Valentine’s card (below), from my crazy, cute, bear¬†obsessed¬†buddy Lavinia. It’s supposed to be from¬†anonymous¬†I know her handwriting anywhere. So thank you!¬†


Valentine’s sniff

Happy Valentine’s Day. Hope it is a good one and that you eat lots of fancy pants chocolate whoever you are. Even if you didn’t get a card today remember:

Gemma Correll like
I like you. by Gemma Correll. xxxxx

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