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Friday Scribble

Hello guys, I have not been around this week much, but I’m back with a pink bear to show you. This lovely creature was made by¬†Ana Botezatu. Go see her site here. Hope you didn’t miss me too much ūüėČ


bears eat porridge, we eat toast

Toast – check
Honey – check
Banana – check
Raisins – check
Bear – check


Yes, bear! I frickin’ love this.
Next breakfast planned.

For the Birds

I love this illustration by Matt Forsythe, It is very ‘me’. Looking through his blog he has such a varied style of art, and this one is my favourite.

I shall be blogging more on Mr. Forsythe, but also always you can see for yourself by clicking here.

Bear Hug

I’m back! Sorry I didn’t post yesterday, had the¬†busiest¬†day known to mankind. Plus it was my mum’s Birthday, so I was busy wrapping presents, buying flowers and stuffing my face at a Turkish restaurant. It’s fair to say that I didn’t stick by my ‘healthy eating rule’ that day! So I’m back with a card layout from an illustrated named Joey Chou. Which is uber cute.

Joey Chou has popped up on my blog before, so go check him out by clicking his name in the ‘tag’ section. Or for a wider range of stuff there’s always¬†his¬†website.

Happy June folks, lets hope it’s a good one. x

Very Casual

A bear riding a¬†Segway, sure, why not? I’ve posted weirder.

Bear by Louis Roskosch, hope he brought a smile to your face, if not see if any of on his website can.

Rose Red and Snow White

This is Brigette¬†Barrager’s wonderful illustration fairytale, it sets the perfect mood for the summer. You can see the matching¬†piece¬†that I have posted here. Barrager states on her blog that:¬†“This painting will be on display this July at the¬†Wonderful World of Animation, in a fairy tale themed show”.¬†So keep an eye out for it. And here is a link to her blog.

making dinner

The boy is at work in¬†west-end¬†doing animation stuff. And I am home alone on the sofa under a duvet watching the rain outside the window. Thinking about my friend Dee who I saw today…

About time to make dinner methinks, and since I’m on a diet I’ll¬†probably¬†be having the same meal as teddy tonight! Cute picture though. x

Angry Bear

I actually have this print in my house, I like it that much. Good morning, slash almost afternoon. There should be a word for that, good mornafter..? errr lets just stick to good morning. More on Matte Stephens can be found here.

 Mike Yamada

the bear that stole a baby

This is my¬†third¬†bear post of the day. This particular picture is by Camilla Engman. Engman’s artistic style¬†varies dramatically from 1930’s post impressionist paintings, to a more¬†contemporary¬†illustrative style. I prefer her¬†contemporary¬†work, as it is more¬†aesthetically¬†pleasing and upbeat. Free feel to make your own judgement by browsing her website. I shall be posting some more of the above in a later post. Really on it today!

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