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Sharp Rain

Love this little guy. He is my new buddy and I shall name him Stu.

Stu was designed by Dimitar Tassev as a  theatre poster for young performers around 1971/2. Adda boy Stu, just look at him go!

The poster is entitled ‘Polychrome bird, blue ‘rain.’’ …I didn’t know what that word meant so I googled it, don’t judge me 🙂

I like the ruler straight lines for rain, they look sharp. Although whenever it rains on me the rain come from a 2’o’clock angle straight into my face. I guess Stu has all the luck!

For more poster designs from this era click here.


[this is not today]

Poster by Liam Barrett. From a few years ago, not for today, despite the date. Nice colours and design. Fore more on Barrett click here.

Cycle of Day

Check to see if nipples are hard…

I renewed my first aid course two months ago and there had be some radical changes since the last time I did it, take a look for yourself:


The Walking Dead

Me and the boy have watched every single, gory episode of AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’. And I can’t get enough… It is well acted, thrilling and emotionally exhausting all at the same time. For one episode near the end of the second series, (don’t worry no spoilers here) I bawled my tiny eyes out. Although, I have to admit I look away A LOT when the zombies attack.

Now the series has ended, us fans have to wait a whole year or so until the next instalment. So it was to my absolute delight that I stumbled across this whilst exploring the web today. Andrew Kolb, a brilliant illustrator, has designed his own rendition of the ”The Walking Dead’ posters. Even though they are in cartoon form they do not take away from the seriousness, it still holds that sad, poignant theme that is ever present in the series. Here is a link to the original poster so you can compare.

Here is a link to Kolb’s website. It has a creepy little face icon, (in the left hand top corner) blinks! Yikes. See if you can spot it.

Look out for more of Andrew Kolb on this blog, in the near future. And if you have no already seen The Walking Dead and you like zombies, then what are you waiting for? Give it a pop.

Chris Dickinson. The Bomb.

I’ve always loved the posters for the club night Propaganda, but could never find the artist behind them.

I mean look how cool the website he made is. Love love his style.

So after two nights of research I found him, He defiantly needs to be credited more in his posters!
His name is Chris Dickason. This is his website. And this is proof that he is the bomb, enjoy:

The first picture I took myself. 🙂

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