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boats for you (part two)

Here are some more from¬†Shelly Davies’ boating website. Although the first picture I found on my lonesome ūüôā

Also did I mention I’m a kayaking instructor? Just a little boating fact about me. Some¬†embarrassing¬†photos on this to follow.

As always, each artist is labelled (in order of appearance) at the end of this post, just click on their names to view their sites. 

1) Rob Dunlavey
2) Jon Klassen
3) Kinnon Elliott 
4) Dante Terzigni


my favourite bear

The boy made this. He painted it on top of our fireplace, and it only just¬†occurred¬†to me to show you guys! He was inspired by a combination of Jon Klassen’s desolate landscapes and a 1960 cereal box called¬†Frosty O’s. It is my favourite thing in the house. I do like my bears.

a wednesday lighthouse

Here is a little spot the difference quiz for you aspiring detectives out there. By one of my favourite artists, the awe inspiring Jon Klassen. See of you can get all twelve correct.  Click the picture to view it bigger for a better inspection. Happy hunting!

An Eye for Annai

This was my favourite fish his name was Annai. I miss him. sadface.

He was name after Jon Klassen’s ‘An Eye for Annai’. This is a must watch till the end. Very cute, moving short. But then again, you guys know how much I love Klassen. So rather than me bablling on I’ll let him do the persuading:

Very soon I shall post all of my favourite Klassen’s. Some of which hang around my house. Stay tuned. Burst of Beaden.

One Happy Girl

…with lots of reading to do. I am over joyed that these bad boys came through the post today:

Scott C and Jon Klassen are both in my list of top 5 favourite¬†illustrators,¬†along with Oliver Jeffers and two more that I have not descided yet, (tbc in a later post). I have not come across Tom Gauld as yet but I have heard some great things about this book. If the internet is anything to go by. So maybe I’ll post a little review, once I’ve completed them. Do not hold your breath, I’m not sure how long it’ll take!

Oh and don’t mind the background its just our mish-mash table the boy made, where you can slid objects under the glass. We happen to put ping-pong balls, decks of cards and ‘Sponge Bob Square Pants’ toys in it. Maybe I’ll post a picture when it is full of coolness.

White is for Watching

Collaboration of the day.

Julia Pott [who I ¬†posted about earlier today], animated this short¬†piece. It is a teaser for the novel¬†¬†‘White is for Witching’ written by¬†Helen Oyeyemi. The¬†original¬†artwork was created by my favourite artist, a name that is¬†frequently¬†heard on this blog, Jon Klassen. This chilling teaser is¬†incredible, it depicts the bones of the story without giving away any mystery. I can not fault it. I want to find out what happens.

If anyone out there has read it, let me know what you thought. I’d be interested to know if you thought this video¬†accurately¬†portrays the plot.

For the curious, click here.

The Envious Lemon, is Envious

Although I think it looks like a lime. But what do I know?
Maybe he is envious because he is not ripe yet, or maybe he is green with envy.

In any case its Classic Klassen. Night world, till another lemony fresh day. x

Coraline Concept Art

Went a bit over board with the pictures here. I have a lot of love for Jon Klassen. Have his shizzle all up in my house ūüėÄ
Coraline is  amazing film. If you have not already seen it, do. Its unlike any other Tim Burton film.
Klassen’s work is so varied and beautiful, see for yourself.

I like beards

I like beards

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