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Sharp Rain

Love this little guy. He is my new buddy and I shall name him Stu.

Stu was designed by Dimitar Tassev as a  theatre poster for young performers around 1971/2. Adda boy Stu, just look at him go!

The poster is entitled ‘Polychrome bird, blue ‘rain.’’ …I didn’t know what that word meant so I googled it, don’t judge me 🙂

I like the ruler straight lines for rain, they look sharp. Although whenever it rains on me the rain come from a 2’o’clock angle straight into my face. I guess Stu has all the luck!

For more poster designs from this era click here.


Depression Repetition

This will be me on Saturday, in the rain…
I am reading and writing poetry on a moving Narrow boat. Fingers crossed I wont have a soggy piece of paper to write on.

Illustration by Nelleke Verhoeff. Check out her blog: ‘red cheeks factory’.


here comes the rain again

Yep, the rain is back, as I was sunbathing in the park, it came down real hard. Had to run home! Great…

Beautiful little illustration by Ward Jenkins. Check out his site here.

Melon Water

 ‘Good Weather’ by Sarah Illenberger

Yet again another post on watermelons. This pretty much sums up how it is outside right now. Here is an array of Illenberger’s work on Design Boom or click on the picture to visit her actual site. Hope you remember your brollys today!



This video is perfect, not only is it Monday but it is also raining. However I do not personify an angry grandfather clock that likes to pick a pocket or two…close enough!

This was made by Will Krause, one of the two very talented brothers. I’ve posted a video that Will and Fran Krause made together here earlier this month. Later today I shall be posting a Fran Krause video which is tres cool. Have a happy Monday peeps. x

oops almost forgot here is his twitter and website

Its Raining Cats and Dogs

It’s Raining cats and dogs –
The sky is going dark,
Instead of pitter-patter
Its splatter, yowl and bark

Bulldogs bounce on bonnets,
Alsatians hang in trees,
Poodles land on policemen
And bring them to their knees

Tabby cats come squealing
like rockets over head
Siamese look worried
At the pavement turning red

Its raining cats and dogs
Although it shouldn’t oughta.
Next time I pray for rain
I’ll add I mean water.

Steve Turner
This is a poem from my first ever poetry collection: ‘The Day I Fell Down the Toilet’ by Steve Turner. I forgot all about this book, until the afternoon rain and suddenly the words came flooding back to be (excuse the terrible pun). This book is a good way to get kids interested in poetry, the poems are catchy, humorous and quirky. Here’s a link for the book on Amazon. If you like this check out ‘Dad, You’re Not Funny’ also by Turner.

Frank Blunt
The second Frank Blunt illustration of today (picture above). I thought it fit the poem very well. If you haven’t checked him out already, he’s awesome here’s his flicker.

Hope you enjoyed my little collaboration, try not to get too soaked out there.

Rain rain go away

Here is a uber cute picture from Brittney Lee. I wish I could have a dog that smiles, but not as much as this dog ’cause that’s just too creepy. 

Here is a link to her blog, if you do look on it, have a search for the Peter Pan drawing that she made for a Disney Fine Art event. I loves it and may even blog it soon.

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