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Cartoon Challenge

Test yourself on how well you know your cartoons. Give yourselves no more then 10 seconds to draw a famous cartoon character, see how well you can do. Obviously this one below, took longer then 10 seconds, but that was the idea behind it.

If you are interested in cartooning and what to do more little exercises like this one check out this book ‘Cartooning: Philosophy and Practice’, by Ivan Brunetti. The boy has got it and I can highly recommend it. Here is a YouTube clip to give you a bit more info.

Illustration again, by my dear friend James Davies. View his website here.


Lion Friday (part 2)

1) Flora Chang
2) Nate Williams
3) James Davies


Friend and Illustrator, James Davies made this adorable GIF on his DS. Pretty good going I’d say. Here is a link to his blog.

Illustration of Dom’s

James again.

James Davies “Tooth Fairy”

Click to find James on Twitter.

James Davies “There and Back”

Friend and great illustrator.

Click picture for more.

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