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Karl Pilkington Recites a Poem

Over the Christmas holidays, whilst getting fat on Rocky Road and trying to reverse the affect of days of drinking, the Ricky Gervais Show came on TV. In the show Karl Pilkington (my personal awkward hero) took a liking to poetry and the results are amazing. Click this picture to watch him in action:

kp poetry

Here is the poem encase you didn’t catch it straight off:

“If moths had eyes, would they be happier?
How do they know they’re not dead?
Cavemen hunting for food
But not before they style their hair on their head
What would last longer in dinosaur times?
A blind man didn’t stand a chance
Not with all them rocks about
I`d rather be a blind moth”.


Rhapsody in Blue Animation

Two of my friends were involved in making this amazing music video. I think its great, but have a watch for yourself!

New Pixar Film: Wreck-It Ralph

Must See! This looks incredible, the best idea for a film ever.

Skeletons Love to Dance

Skeletons also like to expressive their emotions thought dance, who knew? Some sweet moves.

War Photographer ♫

Jason Forrest’s song ‘War Photographer’ plus animation by Joel Trussell, equals one very cool music video. Colours and character designs are incredible. The animation has the perfect synchronisation to the beat.

This is how ‘Guitar Hero’ should look.

Here is a link to Jason Forrest’s website.
I will defiantly be posting more music videos from Joel Trussell but if you cannot wait till then have a brouse on his website here.

Two Weeks

I adore everything about this video. The video was made entirely by one fan (Gabe Askew)  using all original content. He’s got mad skillz. I think this music video is better than the original, and that’s not something you can often say about fan made material. I like the backgrounds, the fluid movements and the puppets. The video takes you on a physical roller-coaster journey of heartbreak and forfillment.  I like the fact Askew has chosen to depict a gay relationship, because it is something that you don’t see much in pop culture media. He does thing in a beautiful and tactful way. Kudos to you my man. So with that I present to you Two weeks, by Grizzley Bear.

Happy Dragon Day

I couldn’t find any cool illustrations for St. George’s day so I thought anything with a dragon would do. Here’s a classic gem from ‘Flight of the Concords’:

Albi the Racist Dragon

I wish I have a giant rainbow jelly bean with bubblegum pie. Oh god, now I’m crying too.


Nosy Bear

What a classic story of bear meets boy. This was the heart warming short is was telling you guys about earlier, it is the creation of Fran Krause. Nosy Bear is breathtakingly simple, in its narrative, characters design and background. It is this simplicity that makes the piece beautiful. One YouTuber comments “It’s the mark of a true animator to be able to tell a story without words.” And I totally agree, even without a spoken narrative I find myself emotionally involved, in fact I think a short story works better with out words. Wonderfully done Mr F Krause. I would take my hat off to you if I was wearing one.

Believe it or not but Krause made this film entirely by hand whilst sketching outside on a sunny day. Even more remarkable was the size of his sketches, the bears he drew were all under 1 inch wide. The making of this video is also worth a watch, as it is awesome. So I’ll link it below and maybe it can inspire someone to give it a go! Don’t watch them in reverse order, or it will spoil the magic of the film.

 Here’s a link to Fran’s website.


This video is perfect, not only is it Monday but it is also raining. However I do not personify an angry grandfather clock that likes to pick a pocket or two…close enough!

This was made by Will Krause, one of the two very talented brothers. I’ve posted a video that Will and Fran Krause made together here earlier this month. Later today I shall be posting a Fran Krause video which is tres cool. Have a happy Monday peeps. x

oops almost forgot here is his twitter and website

Don’t worry Kitty, we are going to get that bitch Cinderella one way or another.

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