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Yawning through the Morning

Hello sweetpeas and good morning. Last night I actually edited my dream; it’s a really cool trick I can do ever since I had dream therapy as a kid. So every time I go to bed it’s like I’m settling in to a good movie. Yes I know I am a strange person so lets just looks at this cute little thing and forget I said anything…



Because you’re gorgeous

Well you are it’s a fact. And I want you all to feel special whoever you.

I felt extra special today when I revived my Valentine’s card (below), from my crazy, cute, bear obsessed buddy Lavinia. It’s supposed to be from anonymous I know her handwriting anywhere. So thank you! 


Valentine’s sniff

Happy Valentine’s Day. Hope it is a good one and that you eat lots of fancy pants chocolate whoever you are. Even if you didn’t get a card today remember:

Gemma Correll like
I like you. by Gemma Correll. xxxxx

The Science Museum is real(ly) cool

I found at the Science Museum last year and thought it was super cute, I especially like the (mis)use of brackets.

If you have not been to the Science Museum in a while you should check out the Launchpad, I went again last weekend and it’s incredible. I know it’s really for kids discovering science but every time I go I try out all the experiments as if it was my first time. You can watch ice freeze under a microscope, generate electricity for a hair-dyer by cycling or discover how a hearing aid works by listening to music that only plays in your head. Gee all this talking is making me wanna go again!


2012 Romantic Report

Okay just found this and wow, I didn’t know WordPress had a romantic side.

Let me rewind a second…because this blog got 10,000 views in 2012 the little elfs that work at WordPress made me an annual report!  Which is the cutest thing ever, I feel so professional. Thank you WordPress, and most importantly thank you people out there that occasionally say hello to my blog. You have made this shark-hoodie-wearing, banoffe-pie-eating, first-time-blogger feel very special indeed. (Phew, that was a lot of dashes).

To celebrate I have attached an illustration that sums up me, and my blog. Yes, it is of an octopus juggling (what looks like) Brussels sprouts. As you may have already guessed, I like weird, in fact – I encourage it. Thanks to Anneka Tran for this Toy Story 3 inspired number.

If you are interested in looking at the ‘report’ click below, but for now I will just continue to blush.


Click here to see the complete report.

Kissed by the Rose

Hello readers, I trust you have an enjoyable Christmas! I have to confess I hate January more than stepping on Lego.  However this image cheered me up, more than a little. I thought I’d share to pull any of you out of the January blues.

pug seal

This year It is my mission to share more illustration, costumes and poems with you so as Kenan and Kel say ‘Aw here goes’.

creepy hug of the day

Good afternoon, I found a cool!

This hugtastic piece is by visual artist/illustrator Lim Heng Swee. Check out more on this website, go on, knock yourself out.

I’ve been doing this blog for about 6 months now and I really enjoy finding great illustrations and creations from the five corners of the internet. So I think I want to start drawing and see what comes out. And maybe one day I can be someone else’s find. Even if it is just to laugh at.
I’ll keep you updated… Shoddy sketches to be expected.

Sharp Rain

Love this little guy. He is my new buddy and I shall name him Stu.

Stu was designed by Dimitar Tassev as a  theatre poster for young performers around 1971/2. Adda boy Stu, just look at him go!

The poster is entitled ‘Polychrome bird, blue ‘rain.’’ …I didn’t know what that word meant so I googled it, don’t judge me 🙂

I like the ruler straight lines for rain, they look sharp. Although whenever it rains on me the rain come from a 2’o’clock angle straight into my face. I guess Stu has all the luck!

For more poster designs from this era click here.

Advice of the Day

Birthday Time

It’s my birthday, I am 23 today. Yay. I am looking forwards to a cake of relaxing, cake and friends… and did I mention cake? Hopefully my day will look a bit like this:

This piece is from Richard McGuire’s ‘Night Becomes Day’. It is tres cool.

After today I’ll come back to you with lots of posts, picture and updates, as I have been slack lately! But for now, I am waiting for night to become day; so sweet dreams people of the night, see you at the break of the yellow of morning. xx

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