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Ralph Wiggum

Meet my baby kitten Ralph Wiggum. He was my 4th year anniversary present from the boy. Although our anniversary is today we got him last friday so as you can he is very settled in. He is 3 months old, loves bits of string and sneezes a lot. We named him after our fav Simpsons character Ralph “GO BANANA” Wiggum. We rescued him from Battersea Home for Cats and Dogs, it is the best place to go the animals are looked after so well and you get to help an animal in need. Anyway hope you like him!



Copy Cat

I am more than a tad obsessed with Pinterest at the moment, it spins out soo many cool ideas; like baked marble necklaces, cupcake Ferris wheels,  chalk pens and plates with Lionel Richie’s face on it. Click here to see more. Novelty aside I have found the coolest gift ideas (although admittedly a lot of them are still novelty). Meet cat skirt:

cat skirt
Obviously I fell it love with it at first glance and wanted one. However my all my fingers are like big toes when it comes to sewing, so for Christmas the boy’s mum made it for me! So excited to wear it out and look like a big cat loser. I am starting to resemble the e-harmony video of that girl crying at the thought of every cat in the world, wearing little bow ties, in a basket, rolling around…wait, wait, it’s got me too now. Without further blabber or crying from me this is my new favouritest skirt in the entire world. Hope you like it!



Fred Blocks

This is me playing around with my XYZ blocks I got for my birthday, I love them. They represent an alternative to the exhausted structure of:
‘A is for apple, B is for ball and C is for cat’.
They offer a much more inventive way of learning, that really sticks in your mind:
‘A is for afro, B is for bald and C is for corndog’.
Not to mention the typography is amazingly colourful and diverse.

To see more click here.
llustration by Christian Northeast

to all cat lovers…

This is how my blog would look if cats ruled the world. Click me.

Make your own cat website by inserting URL here.

The Project Twins’

A-Z of Unusual Words


Mentally or emotionally distant; absent-minded.


A disorder characterised by an uncontrollable urge to dance.


A knockout punch, either verbal or physical.

I adore this collection of usual; both the usual words and the usual illustrations. Thanks for making them Project Twins 🙂
To see the full alphabet click here.

Nailed It

This is ‘wow’. This does not get old, I keep pressing replay.

I love the single tear on his cheek from sheer joy. Watch and you may cry too!

I apologise for my soppiness in advance

It’s half 10 and I’m snug in my kitty cat designed PJs. I saw this and thought it was very apt; but also it has changed my life forever… This revolutionised the way I give compliments. It is the perfect combination of cute and thoughtfulness with a sprinkle of twee. Which is not to everyone’s taste, but I like it when people are a little twee sometimes.

I don’t say it enough to you guys but “you’re the cat’s Pyjamas”.  ❤

I am very much gonna use that in everyday convrsation now. It beats the crudeness of  “you’re the dog’s bollocks”, any day. Hope you guys enjoyed my little share and pass the compliment on if you get the chance, you never know you might make someone’s day!

Unless they hate cats. Then don’t.

Emily Martin (The Black Apple)


Eunam Typography, designed in 2011 by Untitled [click to embiggen].

Love it.

bears eat porridge, we eat toast

Toast – check
Honey – check
Banana – check
Raisins – check
Bear – check


Yes, bear! I frickin’ love this.
Next breakfast planned.


Amazingly beautiful short film, be patient and watch till the very end, It is worth it.

Such a creative, sweet and touching story. If you get the whole way through let me know what you think in the comment bar below. 🙂

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