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Put a Tiger in your Tank

My kitten Ralph is testing out his new tank in order to take over the living room! I kid, I kid – take over the world! i’m Pinky and he’s the Brain.

I made this yesterday with James and the boy and it’s the best thing ever. It can even shoot out ping pong balls (very slowly). I hope you enjoy the use of Amazon and Asos boxes as much as I do, see what you can craft up. Here is a little inspiration Caine’s Arcade.


Yawning through the Morning

Hello sweetpeas and good morning. Last night I actually edited my dream; it’s a really cool trick I can do ever since I had dream therapy as a kid. So every time I go to bed it’s like I’m settling in to a good movie. Yes I know I am a strange person so lets just looks at this cute little thing and forget I said anything…


Kissed by the Rose

Hello readers, I trust you have an enjoyable Christmas! I have to confess I hate January more than stepping on Lego.  However this image cheered me up, more than a little. I thought I’d share to pull any of you out of the January blues.

pug seal

This year It is my mission to share more illustration, costumes and poems with you so as Kenan and Kel say ‘Aw here goes’.

from a land of rainbows and moon rock

Just came back from Iceland, had the best time ever! I paddled the supposed most dangerous river of Iceland,  jumped of a cliff, drank from a waterfall then stoked a kitten- all in a day’s work!

Visiting the south of Iceland is like taking a trip to the moon, the land is like no other I have ever seen. Rainbows pop out of every imaginable corner and the horses are tiny. I rode one called Viking. He was a cool dude.

For those that are interested the bad boy bellow is called Seljalandsfoss. Foss means waterfall, and Seljalands means unicorn. Just kidding, I have no idea what Seljalands means…

happy being a dad day, here’s a cat

Click here for 20 cats that got ties, for Father’s day. Very cute.

bears eat porridge, we eat toast

Toast – check
Honey – check
Banana – check
Raisins – check
Bear – check


Yes, bear! I frickin’ love this.
Next breakfast planned.

a poem by Matt Grey Gubler

my parents:

…are the coolest

my dad is equal parts – atticus finch
jimmy stewart
william s burroughs
orville redenbacher

and my mom is like clint eastwood with breasts


Cuteness of the Day

Afternoon people. My I introduce you to the cutest photo of the day with my fuzzy little friends:

If you think you can ‘out cute’ me, try I dare you! Post a link in my comment bar and we’ll see who wins. Game on.

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