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Poetry Takeaway

Today, was mine and Katie Hale’s first ever event as [insert text here]. We held a humble reading of five poets in south London’s Deptford Lounge. It was heaps of fun to organise and take part. We had great support, so just wanna say a little thank you to all involved. We took photos and videos of the event, so look out for those in the upcoming week. If you want to know more about this event or want to be involved in upcoming events please follow [insert text here]. Don’t be shy to say hello, we love to talk!

If you live in the UK I hope you enjoyed the sun today, apparently it was hotter than Africa!

We even snuck in a little Southbank action after the event. (As you can see in the picture  above of us fooling about).


you use a kindle? I carry spines

Can’t get that new book goodness from a kindle, that’s for sure.
Now it time for a little ‘Bitches in Bookshops’ cameo of  Kayne West and Jay Z’s “N*ggas in Paris”, enjoy:

“You use a kindle? I carry spines, supporting bookshops like a bra. Calvin Klein.”

animals like reading too

Really cool animal illustrations from Mr. Ben Newman.  I like the limited pallet and the character designs.The monkey and giraffe are my favourite. This print continues and stretches out on a roll of tape. You can buy this on the NoBrow site. I’ve posted Newman before, but for a recap have a look here is his website.

Everyday I’m Shuffling

Just finished reading at the Poetry Place ‘Shuffle’. Quiet an honour to be amongst all the amazing poets. My sister filmed the whole thing, so may post a snippet later, if anyone was interested to see. Glad my sister finally got to see me read too. Very cool place.

Mad Men on Mars

Well hello there, I greet you with this rather suave looking alien thing. This picture looks like a pitch for a show called ‘Mad Men’ on Mars. The colour scheme is very typical of Ben Newman, Newman is metaphorically like one of those bands you can always recognise on the radio. I don’t mean that in a bad way, there is defiantly something to be said of an artist, having a ‘trait’ and a recognisable style. Plus he normally has bad ass colour schemes.

I hope you’ll are having a great Friday. I am getting nervous as I have a poetry reading tomorrow at the Shuffle. Six people are coming to see me including my dad, sister and long lost cousin, which is nerve racking to me as it will be the first time they will see me read. It’s especially embarrassing as most the poems in my collection are about my dad robbing banks. No-eye-contact-allowed. I may just have to introduce him as a distant relative. Anyway, I am gonna try to film the reading so look forward to a little snippet of me making a fool of myself on stage. It should be posted in the next few days. My soon-to-be-new alias is ‘Crime Poet’, as my friend insists I be.

One Happy Girl

…with lots of reading to do. I am over joyed that these bad boys came through the post today:

Scott C and Jon Klassen are both in my list of top 5 favourite illustrators, along with Oliver Jeffers and two more that I have not descided yet, (tbc in a later post). I have not come across Tom Gauld as yet but I have heard some great things about this book. If the internet is anything to go by. So maybe I’ll post a little review, once I’ve completed them. Do not hold your breath, I’m not sure how long it’ll take!

Oh and don’t mind the background its just our mish-mash table the boy made, where you can slid objects under the glass. We happen to put ping-pong balls, decks of cards and ‘Sponge Bob Square Pants’ toys in it. Maybe I’ll post a picture when it is full of coolness.

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