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creepy hug of the day

Good afternoon, I found a cool!

This hugtastic piece is by visual artist/illustrator Lim Heng Swee. Check out more on this website, go on, knock yourself out.

I’ve been doing this blog for about 6 months now and I really enjoy finding great illustrations and creations from the five corners of the internet. So I think I want to start drawing and see what comes out. And maybe one day I can be someone else’s find. Even if it is just to laugh at.
I’ll keep you updated… Shoddy sketches to be expected.



Just thought I’d add a touch of colour to this otherwise grey day. Don’t worry colours like these bold reds and brilliant blues  still existed – they are just waiting for the right moment to appear.

This wonderfully weird number is by Delphine Durand. She has an amazing body of work, I particularly like her sketches. If you are itching to see what I am talking about click here. Alternatively just refresh my blog every second of every day till I upload more from her.  Just kidding! I’ll post some tomorrow.

Fountain of Colour

This colourful shuffle is by Tim Lahan. I really like the blurred out shapes of the birds, although I’m not sure if the birds are being aggressive or giving each others piggy backs. [I am the most naive person I know, so probably the first option]. It looks like the food chain of birds of prey. Or maybe I just made that up? Well, whatever it is, I like it. See what you think of the rest of Lahan’s stuff by clicking here. He is very abstract but also funny too.

love what you do and…

Andy J Miller


Absolutely beautiful illustrations by the late Charley Harper. He is an incredible artist, whom is amongst my favourites. His illustrations are based around animals, he is well known for his highly stylized wildlife posters, prints, and illustrated books. He used a lot of symmetry with shapes and colour, which in my opinion give him an iconic trait. I think his work is magical to look at. There will be more to come on Mr. Harper. Click here for more magic. x

Men like their Fish

This amazing giant piece of wall art is by Agostino Iacurci. You can see the scale of the painting by the person standing at the bottom of it. Amazing! To see more of what Iacurci does click here to view his website.

the owl embraces the rabbit

Paul Thurlby illustrated these amazing, easy to read pictures for the alphabet. I have chosen some of my favourite letters and made them into a word. [I like this word because it happens to be my boyfriends middle name]. Click on the image for a bigger view and for more of this alphabet click here. Additionally you could check out Thurlby website  here to see more of his illustrations, including typography. I particularly like his numbers, which I may blog very soon. Speaking of which, I hope you guys have had fun voting today, let the counting begin.

Watermelon is a Good Fruit

Here is the print I was taking about earlier from ’Beyond Thrilled’. The quote on this print hits the nail on the head, that watermelons are awesome. What other fruit can leave you so fresh feeling afterwards, certainly not oranges, I just ate one and I am one sticky pup.

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