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happy XX chromosomes day

Happy International Woman’s Day! To celebrate all the XX chromosomes out there, I thought I’d share the perfect tribute song – ladies and gentlemen it’s the beautiful sound of The XX.


Karl Pilkington Recites a Poem

Over the Christmas holidays, whilst getting fat on Rocky Road and trying to reverse the affect of days of drinking, the Ricky Gervais Show came on TV. In the show Karl Pilkington (my personal awkward hero) took a liking to poetry and the results are amazing. Click this picture to watch him in action:

kp poetry

Here is the poem encase you didn’t catch it straight off:

“If moths had eyes, would they be happier?
How do they know they’re not dead?
Cavemen hunting for food
But not before they style their hair on their head
What would last longer in dinosaur times?
A blind man didn’t stand a chance
Not with all them rocks about
I`d rather be a blind moth”.

Update on Poetry

Did I mention I opened a show on Thursday for this guy. Yes, it’s frickin’ Saul Williams! In front of an audience of 900. Mad scary.

Listen to Mr Williams’s List of Demands. It’s very catchy, I’ve been singing it all week.

“I want my money back, I’m down here drowning in your fat.
You got me on my knees praying for everything you lack.
I ain’t afraid of you, I’m just a victim of your fear.
You cower in your tower praying that I’ll disappear.”

Nailed It

This is ‘wow’. This does not get old, I keep pressing replay.

I love the single tear on his cheek from sheer joy. Watch and you may cry too!

Duck run; (like chicken run, but with ducks)

Cutest thing ever. I love this little fellow.

Guilty Pets

LOL. Amazing YouTube clips of guilty animals. I love the cats face! Comment below and tell me what you think! x

War Photographer ♫

Jason Forrest’s song ‘War Photographer’ plus animation by Joel Trussell, equals one very cool music video. Colours and character designs are incredible. The animation has the perfect synchronisation to the beat.

This is how ‘Guitar Hero’ should look.

Here is a link to Jason Forrest’s website.
I will defiantly be posting more music videos from Joel Trussell but if you cannot wait till then have a brouse on his website here.


This song keeps repeating in my head so I thought I’d release it, in hope it can be trapped in this post. I go through these stages of being obsessed with songs, I enjoy listening to them on repeat for like twenty times, I don’t think I am that normal. Don’t worry I will not be posting this more than once, won’t put you through that!

Really catchy and listen-able song, by the Australian band San Cisco. See what you think:

Looks like they had a lot of fun making the video!

Muppets – You Don’t Want My Love

Continuation of my Muppet love. I actually really like this song too.

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