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Amazingly beautiful short film, be patient and watch till the very end, It is worth it.

Such a creative, sweet and touching story. If you get the whole way through let me know what you think in the comment bar below. 🙂


The Accident

This story is really touching. I can relate to the narrator, Its hard to write from personal experience. I found it difficult the first time I wrote confessional poetry. Especially when opening up about visiting my dad in prison at the age of five.

I didn’t know how describe this video without giving the plot away, so I thought I ‘d let YouTube do it for me, and copied the description. I find it strange her talking about her uncle ’cause I too have an uncle Stephen. Anyway here’s the comment:

‘A story about human endeavour, obsessions and mistakes. A childhood memory is presented in a number of ways to reveal the story of an uncle’s unfinished task.’
By blackwatch.

Dancing bears are my favourite kind of bears…

Happy Easter. Do a Dance.

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