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Cute Bank

It’s been one of those days that you need to detract you mind from your thoughts. I just saw a car crash, nothing too serious but I was on a bus at the time so I don’t know much. So I am sad today. And on those days I find myself a happy procrastination to do, today that happens to be the internet. (well most days that happens to be the internet but who’s counting?) This is what I found:

I think everyone should have their own ‘pick-me-ups’ (no, not the crappy old granny magazine), something that makes you feel happy. Figure out what makes you smile and use it whenever you are down. Just like emergency chocolate but with CATS or 12 hours of Fifa. Tell me what your ‘pick-me-ups’ are. Sharing time!



Monkey News

Good Moorning 
I have monkey news, kinda sad monkey news, but also kinda funny.

During the Napoleonic Wars (early 1800’s) a French ship was wrecked off the Hartlepool coast, when the ship washed up to shore there was only one survivor, a monkey. The monkey was the ship’s pet which the crew dressed in a military uniform to amuse themselves at sea. At the time there was great fear of a French invasion, Britain was paranoid about the possibility of French infiltrators and spies. Unaware of how a French man looks like, the fishermen trailed the monkey as a human, which brought them to the conclusion that the so called  ‘French man’ was a spy. So they sentenced him to death, and hung him.

What a strange little story, I can’t believe that the British thought a monkey was a French spy! Wow, we have come a long way since then. This illustation from Ben Kirchner triggered my memory of this mad little story. For more reading on this click here or for more on the Kirchner click here.

a fight to come

Hello Folks, hope you are having a swell weekend. I’m going to a Hungarian BBQ later, (yes, we have inventive friends).

This illustration is from Paul Blow, someone who I have blogged about before, click his name in the ”Tags’ select to retrieve my last blog on him.

This illustration is pleasing to the eye, I like the repeating pattern of the animals in the woods its quiet striking to look at. I also think the colours work really well, it helps create this desolate empty landscape. Very cool. For more on Mr. Blow check out his website here otherwise have a great Saturday.

The Lone Sailor

Today I stumbled on the work of Noelle Stevenson, she’s pretty cool. Her work is similar to Scott C’s, she tends to use the same brown wrapping paper for her backgrounds and has similar character designs. See for yourself. Alot of her work has a nautical theme, so I thought I’d put a few up sailor friends up. Everybody loves a sailor and a pirate. Here is a link to her blog. “Aye hope ye guys like, me post me hearties. Aaar lad, mines a rum, and make it a good ‘un.”

Ermm, sorry I wont do any more pirate impressions again, promise! I’ll leave it to the professionals like Johnny Depp and Sponge Bob Square Pants. But if you wanna learn the lingo yourself  I found this site full of pirate quotes just for funsies.

Rock, Paper, Scissorhands

Don’t worry Edward, I’m shit at rock, paper, scissors too.

The Man with the Beautiful Eyes

Watch the short first then read my comment so there is no spoilers.

Beautiful, creepy short that brings alive a childhood memory, shared by a group of friends. The film starts off with a focus on a poster of a lost boy, but we never find out what happen to the boy, or why he is relevant. There is something so haunting about that poster, and the unanswered questions that follow. The film allows the audience to be caught up in the minds of these children and the dark distressing thoughts they possess; the uncertainness of growing up, the lack of trust towards adults and the attraction to the unknown. The film ends focussed on shop, and, as time going by, people come and go. After a while it is apparent that there is someone lying unconscious in the alleyway. Very disturbing, but never-the-less I am drawn to it.

Poem by Charles Bukowski,  film by Jonathan Hodgson. Click here for more on Hodgson’s shorts.

Where’s Wally?

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