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Nosy Bear

What a classic story of bear meets boy. This was the heart warming short is was telling you guys about earlier, it is the creation of Fran Krause. Nosy Bear is breathtakingly simple, in its narrative, characters design and background. It is this simplicity that makes the piece beautiful. One YouTuber comments “It’s the mark of a true animator to be able to tell a story without words.” And I totally agree, even without a spoken narrative I find myself emotionally involved, in fact I think a short story works better with out words. Wonderfully done Mr F Krause. I would take my hat off to you if I was wearing one.

Believe it or not but Krause made this film entirely by hand whilst sketching outside on a sunny day. Even more remarkable was the size of his sketches, the bears he drew were all under 1 inch wide. The making of this video is also worth a watch, as it is awesome. So I’ll link it below and maybe it can inspire someone to give it a go! Don’t watch them in reverse order, or it will spoil the magic of the film.

 Here’s a link to Fran’s website.


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