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Pancake Party 2

Happy Pancake Day!!
Last year I posted a picture of my pancakes so I thought I’d keep the tradition. Introducing frickin’ Banana Pirate Pancakes!


Also today I have discovered that I am flipping good at flipping. True story…


Eat the Cold Away

Brrrrrr it’s freezy! If you are looking for indoor things to do, now that you have soaked all your kitten mittens with snow ball fights and planting snow men, then why not try a bit of fake baking with Banoffe pie! Hands down the easiest pie you will ever make. Literally only take 10 minutes in the oven, then let your fridge do the rest. You are suppose to melt chocolate and put it on top but if you want to be extra lazy (like I was) just grate it! Whola, you can eat the cold away. Here is my look-book of lasts night attempt, if you want to give it a go follow this recipe from the BBC.

Sending out lots of bear hugs, especially to all those playing football today in short shorts.

A Raspberry Blush

Toast plate by Charlotte Mei. Love the jam cheeks.

Skeletons Love Bananas

Yep, it’s a well know fact. Skeletons like to cram in their five-a-day just like the rest of us. Although by the looks of it, they also like to eat the peel too…

This strange and wonderful piece is by the hand of Andy J Miller. To visit his site and see more of his work click here.

Cereal Thriller

So I went about my weekly supermarket shop today, as you do, and I found the most amazing cereal boxes ever! In honour of the Queen Diamond Jubilee Kelloggs have printed a limited edition of all the old cereal boxes, packaging that dates back to the 50’s. Whilst reading up on this I found this nice quote from pixellogo‘s blog:

“For a lot of people in the western world Kelogg’s cereals have been a must-have in every household, so this is a nice reminder of how our familiar brands were back on the day.”

I concur pixellogo, it really does! Without further ado, here they are:

This is the only acception where the words ‘vintage’ and ‘food’ are allowed in the same sentence. I don’t care if the 1000 year old egg is a delicacy, it’s bloody gross.

Pancake Party

This morning I had a pancake party, well, err I had pancakes with my mum and a friend. Kinda the same thing. The picture above is the pancakes I made from pancake day, I forgot to take a photo of today’s.

I think pancakes should not be restricted to one day a year, there needs to be more pancake parts around the world on everyday that is happy.

Melon Water

 ‘Good Weather’ by Sarah Illenberger

Yet again another post on watermelons. This pretty much sums up how it is outside right now. Here is an array of Illenberger’s work on Design Boom or click on the picture to visit her actual site. Hope you remember your brollys today!

Watermelon is a Good Fruit

Here is the print I was taking about earlier from ’Beyond Thrilled’. The quote on this print hits the nail on the head, that watermelons are awesome. What other fruit can leave you so fresh feeling afterwards, certainly not oranges, I just ate one and I am one sticky pup.

Happy Dragon Day

I couldn’t find any cool illustrations for St. George’s day so I thought anything with a dragon would do. Here’s a classic gem from ‘Flight of the Concords’:

Albi the Racist Dragon

I wish I have a giant rainbow jelly bean with bubblegum pie. Oh god, now I’m crying too.

What I Wore Today

Today was a pyjama day. But not in a good way, in a ill way.
I was drawn to blog this picture because its caption was ‘What I Wore Today’ and it was exactly that, [minus the cereal from the bowl and add in Thai green curry].

Which brings me on to the man himself, Ian Abando. I will post an amazing wrestler that he illustrated tomorrow, but for now I’m off to curl up in a ball somewhere and with at least four rolls of toilet paper for my nose. Wish me well. Here’s his blog he has some cool animated gifs on it, check out the bouncing ice cream. *Thought bubble* Ice cream, not a bad idea for a sore throat… *checks freezer*

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