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Everything was Moving

Just came back from seeing ‘Everything was Moving’ at the Barbican and I loved it. It is an extremely vibrant, heartbreaking and powerful collection of photographs. Here is an iconic one taken by Graciela Iturbide:

David Goldblatt sequence of images were my favourite; images that depicted the people from late 1970’s  Johannesburg. These images give us an insight into the private, world of the downtrodden black community, as we look into their homes. The blurb goes on to inform us that these very homes were later destroyed by the Group Areas Act, (a law that excluded non-whites from living in the most developed areas of South Africa). After reading that, those photos seemed so precious, fleeting and melancholic.

For me the most striking and beautiful piece of the whole exhibition came in the form of a quote, from a man who lost everything to the Group Areas Act:

“I feel as those my teeth are being pulled out one by one. I run my tongue over the spaces and I try to remember the shape of what was there.” Beautifully said x

[To see some of the images that I speak about look on Mr Goldblatt’s website here].


to all cat lovers…

This is how my blog would look if cats ruled the world. Click me.

Make your own cat website by inserting URL here.

The Project Twins’

A-Z of Unusual Words


Mentally or emotionally distant; absent-minded.


A disorder characterised by an uncontrollable urge to dance.


A knockout punch, either verbal or physical.

I adore this collection of usual; both the usual words and the usual illustrations. Thanks for making them Project Twins 🙂
To see the full alphabet click here.

Update on Poetry

Did I mention I opened a show on Thursday for this guy. Yes, it’s frickin’ Saul Williams! In front of an audience of 900. Mad scary.

Listen to Mr Williams’s List of Demands. It’s very catchy, I’ve been singing it all week.

“I want my money back, I’m down here drowning in your fat.
You got me on my knees praying for everything you lack.
I ain’t afraid of you, I’m just a victim of your fear.
You cower in your tower praying that I’ll disappear.”

Nailed It

This is ‘wow’. This does not get old, I keep pressing replay.

I love the single tear on his cheek from sheer joy. Watch and you may cry too!

“do you have a pen at hand?”


Amazing idea, practical and pretty. I love gimmick jewellery like this… although not so good when you are washing your hands! Click here for more pics.

Wander the Universe

The Scale of the Universe 

A website that I discovered many moons ago and forgot about till this very moment. The scale of the Universe is literally at your finger tips;. It allows you to zoom in, to the absolute smallest atoms known to mankind and zoom out, to the breadth of scientific understanding. It is breath-takingly beautiful. For best results look at during  night, when pondering on life’s many unsolved mysteries.

I cannot do the visuals  justice with my clumsy wording so look for yourself. Unfortunately I can’t embed this on to this post, so to see it you need to

With no picture I though I should spice this post up a bit, by introducing this amazing illustration by Anneka Tran; on planets. Very apt. This is my second post on her today. 🙂

Well this is a very late one for me, so goodnight and continue to wander the internet or the universe at your leisure. Peace x

Envious of Children’s Drawings

Since I have started this blog, I have stumbled across many weird and wonderful things in corners and pockets of the internet . One thing that really fascinated me was children’s drawings.

As you know this blog is mainly about illustration with bits of poetry popping up occasionally. I have seen a wide range of different artists style and ideas almost daily. And what I did find curious, was how many illustrators slash artists tried to imitate the child-like sketches of a child.  There is a lot to be said for these sketches, children are very expressive with their work they have no inhibition or constraints. So in honour of that thought,  here are some of my favourite children’s drawing that I have had the pleasure of finding: 

Meaning behind them:
The first picture represents conversation,
the second is a nightmare
and the third is a stick insect.

I can’t remember where I found the first two, but the last one is by a boy Otto here is his flicker stream.

may the fourth be with you

Today is the official Star Wars day, may the fourth be with you!

Don’t believe me?
Well I’ll wait while you check Wikipedia.
*taps fingers on table*
See told you!

So as a little treat I have lined up a stream of  Star Wars themed Lego pictures, to entertain and delight. Well, they make me smile anyway:

A day in the life of a Lego Stormtrooper, positioned and thought up by the creative and witty Balakov. For more of his Star Wars themed lego click here, or for general lego amazingness click here.

Being Elmo

This is the ‘Being Elmo’ trailer I just spent ages banging on about, I challenge you to not be moved by it. ‘Being Elmo’ is a documentary film about a young, under privileged boy name Kevin Clash, who eventually became the right hand man to Jim Henson. He transformed the character of Elmo from a monosyllabic caveman to a character based around love. He soon became one of the most loveable character on the street and an inspiration for children around the globe. It is a real rags to riches heart warming story…

The film itself has not been put on general release since it was premièred at the Sundance Film Festival 2011. But, by the biggest coincident, (whilst I was researching information for this post), I found out that the film is to be released in cinemas TOMORROW!

Go see it, I swear if you like the Muppets or Sesame Street you’d love it. Here is s list of all the cinemas it will be shown in and here is a link to the Being Elmo website. If you do go, please tell me what you think, I am the only person I know who has seen it so I’d love to chat to people about it.  I’m such a loser.

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