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cont.The Scrabble Challenge Poem

After the Trial

That was the eve
all was muted –
colour was glued
to the floor,
the radio was just
emptying like figs
into our ears.

There were no jokes.

No acorns rolling on
titled tables, or dolls
without eyes
to play with.

All that was clear
was the orb
of blood
and regret
that rested in
our mouths.


The Scrabble Challenge

Calling all Poets

If any of you love Scrabble as much as me then try this challenge. I came up with it after being up to my eyes in board games this Christmas… The next time you play a game challenge yourself to write a poem using the words you have created on your board. Sometimes random words can lead you into new, exciting territories that you would have never thought to explore.

This afternoon I actually tried it! Here is a photo of my game and the poem I wrote using the words on the board (see next post for poem). The process was really fun and resulted in something  refreshing and abstract. It really got me out of writing patterns that I always fall in.

As always let me know what you think. If you can’t be bothered to play a game but you wanna try this feel free to use my board as inspiration. x


The Strange Case of Dad’s Missing Head

“THE STRANGE CASE OF DAD´S MISSING HEAD” teaser trailer 2008 from Headless Productions on Vimeo.

Very, very cool. I wish this was a feature film. I’d be all over that shizzle.

Poetry – Bitesized

It has been said that novelists, who master the art of poetry, can become better writers. One of the advantages poetry has over prose, is it’s ability to condense and articulate stories or images.

With this in mind I thought this clip was fitting:

A Writer’s Golden Nugget

When I finished my creative writing degree and I was looking to actually do something, I found these sites really useful. It’s a perfect way to scout opportunities out there (competitions/jobs/internships/funding) and also allows you to be more involved in the writer’s world.

National Association of Writer’s in Education

Art’s Council

Young Poets Network

Ideas Tap

Arts Hub

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