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Nailed It

This is ‘wow’. This does not get old, I keep pressing replay.

I love the single tear on his cheek from sheer joy. Watch and you may cry too!


Duck run; (like chicken run, but with ducks)

Cutest thing ever. I love this little fellow.

Guilty Pets

LOL. Amazing YouTube clips of guilty animals. I love the cats face! Comment below and tell me what you think! x


Amazingly beautiful short film, be patient and watch till the very end, It is worth it.

Such a creative, sweet and touching story. If you get the whole way through let me know what you think in the comment bar below. 🙂

War Photographer ♫

Jason Forrest’s song ‘War Photographer’ plus animation by Joel Trussell, equals one very cool music video. Colours and character designs are incredible. The animation has the perfect synchronisation to the beat.

This is how ‘Guitar Hero’ should look.

Here is a link to Jason Forrest’s website.
I will defiantly be posting more music videos from Joel Trussell but if you cannot wait till then have a brouse on his website here.

you use a kindle? I carry spines

Can’t get that new book goodness from a kindle, that’s for sure.
Now it time for a little ‘Bitches in Bookshops’ cameo of  Kayne West and Jay Z’s “N*ggas in Paris”, enjoy:

“You use a kindle? I carry spines, supporting bookshops like a bra. Calvin Klein.”

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad, is my all time favourite show. If you watch it, check this out. I love this mash up:

Picture cited. 

Magic Mirror Maze

I found this old video that the boy filmed whilst in Australia when we were lost in a mirror maze. Thought it went well with the picture above. Spaced is a great show btw.

Happy Dragon Day

I couldn’t find any cool illustrations for St. George’s day so I thought anything with a dragon would do. Here’s a classic gem from ‘Flight of the Concords’:

Albi the Racist Dragon

I wish I have a giant rainbow jelly bean with bubblegum pie. Oh god, now I’m crying too.


This video is perfect, not only is it Monday but it is also raining. However I do not personify an angry grandfather clock that likes to pick a pocket or two…close enough!

This was made by Will Krause, one of the two very talented brothers. I’ve posted a video that Will and Fran Krause made together here earlier this month. Later today I shall be posting a Fran Krause video which is tres cool. Have a happy Monday peeps. x

oops almost forgot here is his twitter and website

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