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Accidently Camouflaged

There are such a thing as ‘Human Chameleons’ and they live on my blog. But they only come out to play when you look really closely, squint your eyes and stare at this word for 5 seconds.

*waits for 5 seconds*

Well done, they have resurfaced, don’t make any sudden movements and they want run away:


Personally, I Prefer Mildred…

Slug Sunday

Bit of a random post, but this is slug, don’t ask me why he has the word ‘gin’ on him, I couldn’t tell you. I have him on my wall, I loves him. It’s something about his skew-whiff smile and doppy expression that does it for me. But then again, I like the whole clumsy charming combination, Doppy was my first kiss after all (this was when I was three years old and at Disneyland, don’t worry).

Anyway back to the matter at hand, this illustration was made by the capable Eleanor Meredith, please click here if you are curious on what else she does (I know I was!). Or if you want to know how one comes about buying one of these bad boys look no further. I found him on a weird and wonderful site called ‘Howkapow’, (such a great name, *gush*). You can also get him on a tea towel, which I just discover to my delight. I’ll shut up now.  Here is the link.

I hope my slug friend has brighten up your day a little or a the very least confused you. He does that to me every morning when I wake up and look at my wall. Oh the fun I have. Now I really will shut up now. No wait. Now.

Stamp Collection

Time for Crazy stamp time. Here are the few I found that I thought were cool.
There was quiet a few so I inserted them into a slide show:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My Sunday
I just came back from feeding my Dusty, my cat. Now that I don’t live with my mum anymore I don’t live with her either. Which is a strange set up but up works. She ran all the way down the street ’cause she was so happy to see me. (Although I suspect it was because I brought food).  Meanwhile the boy is off playing basketball and I’m about to get stuck in to some serious DIY, well painting, I don’t really know what is classified as serious DIY. Hope your Sunday is more interesting than mine!

a wednesday puzzle

Click to Embiggen

Here is my second puzzle for puzzle Wednesday, a pretend day, that I just made up.This illustration is from Sasha Barr, and was printed in the spread for Anorak Magazine Happy Activity Book. He is discovery of the day. I really like he work, and shall be posting some of his posters that I found later on. But for now check out his site and get going with the puzzle!

Oh my god, I’ve only gone and found another website that blinks at me!  Kolb’s website does too, It has a creepy little face icon, (in the left hand top corner) that blinks every now and again! Yikes. Really creepy illustrators, cool, but none-the-less creepy.

Sad Sky

Sad Sky

Come back Mr. Sun even the clouds are sad.
I love this illustration by Clive McFarland.

Click the picture for more.

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