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Yawning through the Morning

Hello sweetpeas and good morning. Last night I actually edited my dream; it’s a really cool trick I can do ever since I had dream therapy as a kid. So every time I go to bed it’s like I’m settling in to a good movie. Yes I know I am a strange person so lets just looks at this cute little thing and forget I said anything…



Mad at Mommy

“Little Bunny is VERY MAD at his mommy.
She sleeps too late.
She talks too much.
She watches her silly shows instead of cartoons.
And she gets mad for no reason — just a few little bubbles on the floor.”

‘Mad at Mommy’ by Komako Sakai.

Just adorable. Click here to view the book on Amazon and to have a ‘look inside’.

Time for Teeths

…Speaking of Penguins, Meet Lala

You can get much cuter than this. A penguin wearing a Pengu penguin back pack. I’m such a sucker for penguins.

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