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Wander the Universe

The Scale of the Universe 

A website that I discovered many moons ago and forgot about till this very moment. The scale of the Universe is literally at your finger tips;. It allows you to zoom in, to the absolute smallest atoms known to mankind and zoom out, to the breadth of scientific understanding. It is breath-takingly beautiful. For best results look at during  night, when pondering on life’s many unsolved mysteries.

I cannot do the visuals  justice with my clumsy wording so look for yourself. Unfortunately I can’t embed this on to this post, so to see it you need to

With no picture I though I should spice this post up a bit, by introducing this amazing illustration by Anneka Tran; on planets. Very apt. This is my second post on her today. 🙂

Well this is a very late one for me, so goodnight and continue to wander the internet or the universe at your leisure. Peace x


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