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Everything was Moving

Just came back from seeing ‘Everything was Moving’ at the Barbican and I loved it. It is an extremely vibrant, heartbreaking and powerful collection of photographs. Here is an iconic one taken by Graciela Iturbide:

David Goldblatt sequence of images were my favourite; images that depicted the people from late 1970’s  Johannesburg. These images give us an insight into the private, world of the downtrodden black community, as we look into their homes. The blurb goes on to inform us that these very homes were later destroyed by the Group Areas Act, (a law that excluded non-whites from living in the most developed areas of South Africa). After reading that, those photos seemed so precious, fleeting and melancholic.

For me the most striking and beautiful piece of the whole exhibition came in the form of a quote, from a man who lost everything to the Group Areas Act:

“I feel as those my teeth are being pulled out one by one. I run my tongue over the spaces and I try to remember the shape of what was there.” Beautifully said x

[To see some of the images that I speak about look on Mr Goldblatt’s website here].


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