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I’m dreaming of a white Easter

Hello people and a happy snow Saturday to you.

I hope you all enjoyed World Poetry Day day on Thursday! To celebrate the day here is an Incorrect Sylvia Plath quote, click on the quote to see more hilarious misquotes.

“You sound jealous and poor.”

— Sylvia Plath


Extreme Watersports

Yes I know I have already graced you with my snowman presents but I couldn’t NOT post this. Introducing extreme watersports Bob; he kayaks even when the river has frozen over.

He is particularly impressive as the snow yesterday was so fluffy you couldn’t make a snowball out of it; It was like washing powder. So, with the power of ‘not-giving-up-ness’ I kinda cheated – his head is a basketball. I literally wet a basketball and rolled it in the snow for his head. Kinda works, he looks happy enough anyway!


Snow Puft

Yesterday I promised if it snowed more I would make an re-enactment of the marshmallow man from Ghostbusters. And as you all know It snowed a fuck ton last night so I had no excuse but to painstakingly make him.

And this is the conscience, meet my little buddy Snow Puft. He is a lot smaller than my inspiration photo but I added miniature cars and real life fire to even the playing field out. Hope you like him!


Eat the Cold Away

Brrrrrr it’s freezy! If you are looking for indoor things to do, now that you have soaked all your kitten mittens with snow ball fights and planting snow men, then why not try a bit of fake baking with Banoffe pie! Hands down the easiest pie you will ever make. Literally only take 10 minutes in the oven, then let your fridge do the rest. You are suppose to melt chocolate and put it on top but if you want to be extra lazy (like I was) just grate it! Whola, you can eat the cold away. Here is my look-book of lasts night attempt, if you want to give it a go follow this recipe from the BBC.

Sending out lots of bear hugs, especially to all those playing football today in short shorts.


Happy snow day people! I do love the snow, it makes everything look beautiful. But don’t be fooled it can trick you, my dog Harvey fell into a lake today trying to catch a ball. Silly marshmallow chaser.

I found this picture and thought it was perfect for today, I can’t find the illustrator though. Darn it. If any of you lovely people out there happen to know please do tell.

I am going to go out and enjoy the snow, but a parting word of advice, don’t eat the yellow snow, it’s not Slush Puppy contrary to the believes of five year-olds. I learnt the hard way…


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