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happy XX chromosomes day

Happy International Woman’s Day! To celebrate all the XX chromosomes out there, I thought I’d share the perfect tribute song – ladies and gentlemen it’s the beautiful sound of The XX.


Cereal Thriller

So I went about my weekly supermarket shop today, as you do, and I found the most amazing cereal boxes ever! In honour of the Queen Diamond Jubilee Kelloggs have printed a limited edition of all the old cereal boxes, packaging that dates back to the 50’s. Whilst reading up on this I found this nice quote from pixellogo‘s blog:

“For a lot of people in the western world Kelogg’s cereals have been a must-have in every household, so this is a nice reminder of how our familiar brands were back on the day.”

I concur pixellogo, it really does! Without further ado, here they are:

This is the only acception where the words ‘vintage’ and ‘food’ are allowed in the same sentence. I don’t care if the 1000 year old egg is a delicacy, it’s bloody gross.

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